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28 Dec 2012 21:55:44
what do you make of david icke ed? nut job or does he know his stuff? not really watched much of his videos.


{Ed033's Note - You could make your own mind up by watching david icke interviews or presentations on youtube. In my opinion david icke is not a nut job and does know his stuff (if you forget about the shape shifting stuff).

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Lets be honest, Ikes a media whore.
He is still charging his fans to view his Wembley show-(which he made a fortune from).
This guy only loves the sound of cheques falling on his door mat.

{Ed033's Note - how much did he personally end up with after all costs of the Wembley show? David icke gives a tour of his home

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If icke was a media whore as you put it, why would he have left a comfortable paid and secure job off the bbc sport department were he was groomed ?

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I must confess for quite a few years I had written Icke off as someone who had just lost the plot, but since I started reading this this site I have been going to Icke's site and watching his videos and generally revisiting my opinion on the man. I don't agree with everything single thing he says, but I do believe he is free thinking and independent and is actually encouraging people to think outside the box and to be independent of mind and question what is happening in the world around them in a hopefully intelligent and reasoned way.

Thanks to ed033 and all the posters on here I really enjoy reading your views.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks Ryan

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There's a clue in that video, "ollie the owl"

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01 Jan 2013 13:20:18
Ed033, if it's the same Eds for all the sites.
Are you Macca?
It's only ever you who confirms his identity, and the last time you didnt put in the ( and ) suggesting it was written as one piece, rather than edited!
Thanks mate, sorry if its the wrong Ed!
WelshBoyDave {Ed002's Note - Ed033 is not Macca Dave.}

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01 Jan 2013 15:52:23
Gosh darn, always the bearer of bad news arn't you Ed002?
Lol thanks! :)

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28 Dec 2012 12:00:14
ed, what do you think about death rays?

{Ed033's Note - Nicola Tesla supposedly invented a death ray machine and it probably ended up in the hands of the military, industrial complex. If you search for Nicola Tesla Death Ray, you can find out about it.

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Tesla coils deadly weaponary!


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