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28 Jan 2012 22:27:24
Is Dynamo really magic, because some of the things he does are ridiculous?


{Ed033's Note - I think Dynamo uses stooges. it's much easier that way.}

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He's very good but just well executed illusions like all other magicians

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28 Jan 2012 21:39:54
{Ed033's Note - Conversation carried on from below -

Look at Ireland. Before the recession we were going good. Maybe it would be good for Scotland to be independent.

Irish Red

Irish red lol we are not independent in Ireland we are puppets for Europe we have no sovereignty as an Irish man I say to you don't worry about Scotland worry about whats going on in Ireland threre is dark times ahead

{Ed033's Note - I don't have this exactly correct but in 1916 there was a revolution in Eire and on 21st January 1919 there was a rebirth of Eire where the people of Eire were officially recognised as Sovereign. Every 21st January since, there has been a turning of the Sovereign Seal ceremony to celebrate that Eire is a Sovereign nation free from the British Crown. The problem is that virtually no one in Eire knows what it means to be Sovereign so the British Crown carried on as before and then people in Eire believed that the 2nd vote to be a part of the European Union actually meant something, when possibly it actually meant nothing.

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27 Jan 2012 22:46:52
watched a interveiw on project camelot with bill woods ex navy seal, what he says is nothing new i have not heard about b4 but the first 15 minutes of the interveiw is strange, one it had to be in a public place (they would not say why) second helicopters were very low and you could not hear to good, they hinted they were getting followed(not to sure about that), another question edd do you think you are being moniterd with this type of site?if we all agree what the black agencys can do , they could easly monitor any site like this.

{Ed033's Note - If they are, they really should have better things to do.

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What they gunna do? they can't do anything to you for talking about it.. if they can they'll be after about 20% of people who use the net.

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I think they do monitor sites like this, like they prob monitor, as for you edd have u thought about expanding the conspiracy site, a bit like richplanet? do your own interviews etc. i would be up for it giving donations. i don't want to blow bubbles up ya bum but you seem very knowledgable on most subjects.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks frankyscouse. We might be able to get some youtube thing going at some point.}

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Hope you do , and if you do let all the regulars know.
frankyscouse {Ed033's note - ok.}

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