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28 Jun 2013 23:03:31
Hi folks,
I was driving through my home-town earlier today. As it's marching season here in Northern Ireland, there are lots of banners and other eyesores strung from every pillar and post. I happened to notice on one of the pillar decorations there was a freemason emblem, anyone know if there's history there?

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28 Jun 2013 22:59:00
Just seen the BBC news about the pedo Muslims who got jailed and it would be funny if it was not so sick. the puppets behind the BBC who covered Jimmy saviles backside throughout the years have the cheek to make out that Muslims should police their own people, really? Jesus Christ does it matter what religion or faith you are attached to, if you're a nonce you're a nonce, definitely a agenda.

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28 Jun 2013 15:53:09
right I know it is a scam this worldwide rescission, but am I missing the point these bankers gambled the shares in the city, my question is why is no one asking who gained as in corporations or names?

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Franky mate, most of what you say is usually worth reading, but saying the worldwide resesion is a scam is a bit to far fetched do you really think countries such as the uk and usa would be pulled into such a scam? I like to believe I played a part in this recession having taken out over £10k worth of loans and never paying them back ha

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28 Jun 2013 19:04:54
There's one in every village ^. pea

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What I meant by scam is it was allowed to happen, from what I can make out is we are borrowing money off a nameless family/corporation at an inflated price, a loan shark and when these traders got told they have to pay off these loans the recession kicked off, my question who was it that called in these loans?

{Ed033's Note - Yes, it's a theft. Unknown people who control the governments told people in government positions to give trillions of dollars to them via the bankers. It would be nice to know who they are.

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Money is an Instrument, it really has no value other then to create a cause and effect.
It's just paper.


{Ed033's Note - Except as long as we all agree that paper money represents something, it does have value

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Dead right ed. what's going on is we as people borrow money to speculate in the housing market or where ever when we cannot meet this death we are evicted. now on the banks side they speculated at a time when things wer going well offering 100% loans which i'd nearly be sure is kind of illegal it goes pear shaped and low and behold everyone bails out the investors. money is of no value only we the people make it so. if society went back into a bartering system we'd be no worse off, just that the super rich would still have more to barter with. greed is the downfall of all economies full stop. if ther was no money it would be turnips but who knows but the same people allways seem to have the upper hand. I say cause a riot and rid ourselves of them

{Ed033's Note - For future reference to people, I think it's, 'Lo and behold!'

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Point taken ed lol

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Quality pea!

Melbourne CFC

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28 Jun 2013 15:26:43
we have a power cut in liverpool today and something like that shows how reliant we are on technology, I am sort of used to blackouts as I can remember as a kid in the 70s me mum buying candles when the strikes were on, plus there was no central heating if it was freezing we had thick blankets with coats on the bed to keep us warm, jesus I sound like my dad ha, anyways my point is everyone was out in our area, some panicking, alarms going off everywhere and that was just for a hour, just imagine this was a week or two, there would be chaos, we rely to much on technology, do not get me wrong I love the internet were it gives you licence to roam there world and communicate to anyone but I would rather are not dependent on all that type of stuff, and the weird and sad thing about the blackout is you get talking to neighbors who you would not chat to, I think if the 70s blackouts happened now there would be riots and anarchy, it shows how fragile our society is were we know there is a nwo and what they can do to cause mayhem and a simple turning out of the lights could be all it takes, a bit like the tv show revolution.

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Probably wasnt a power cut, more like the power company cut yous off for not paying your bills lol

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{Ed033's Note - Yes exactly, frankyscouser, apparently they have run computer simulations on what would happen if they did turn off the electricity in a country.
After 1 week people run out of food and shortly afterwards some people form into gangs and those gangs start going house to house killing the occupants to search for food. After about a month, most everyone is dead.

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A bit like Revolution a ed?

{Ed033's Note - worse as people would start being cannibals

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Katrina was an example of a test, do not tell me a superpower could not get supplies or first aid to its citizens for over a week, they are quicker getting supplies across the world, it was a dummy run, test the so called lower classes and see how they react.

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