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28 May 2012 23:22:02
As nazi scientists did alot of experiments involving the paranormal and other things are there any to name that are intresting to read? I think the nazi scientists were some of the smartest people ever to have lived but how insanely evil they were was a downfall, if only the information was in the right hands!

Jedimindtricks {Ed001's Note - the problem is that most of the Nazi scientists were given secret jobs in Allied countries, so they were hidden from the public. Makes it difficult to find out much on them. No one wanted to admit that war criminals were responsible for the space program, for instance.}

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I feel obligated to find out so i will search edd001 i think there is a big piece of history missing in this zone we might never find out if its left to late

Jedimindtricks {Ed001's Note - I would be very interested in any you can find. It is a sphere I am particularly interested in, I have read numerous books on Nazi technology and some of it was well in advance of our own. It is quite scary just what they could do, even before the war started. The Hortens and Lippisich, for instance, were producing plane designs massively in advance of the Allies, it has only been recently that we can manage to make the flying wing design work that they had working pre-war!}

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Similar thoughts ed it is really intresting stuff i guess it shows us the if they could create these plane designs back then before anyone else why stop there advancing is the name of the game and its been over 60 years,with the way technology has exploded and is constantly improving it never sleeps, 60 years is a long time to even imagine what black technologys they are hiding would be way off mark because it could quite literally be anything!.. P.s what do you think about the stargate films amazing idea

Jedimindtricks {Ed001's Note - it does make you wonder, they must have advanced technology way beyond what we know of, we are barely past the level that the Nazi's secret tech was at. I haven't seen Stargate for so long I am not sure I can remember it to be honest!}

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Stargates on Itv4 or itv4+1 ed think its time to enter the dream realm soon, pyrimids a transportation device i always welcome that suggestion for the fact no one really knows


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I think you are refering to Operation Paperclip, its genuine not a conspiracy. As to what they were developing, well thats anyones guess


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28 May 2012 14:21:21
hey ed m a regular visitor here and post quiet a few times on liverpool and cricket pages.
i read here about the book published by an ex-cia or some secret service woman(probably not sure) about collapse of soviet russia then religious terrorism and faked alien invasion
can you please tell me the name of book actually i could not find it thru the archives but i am sure i read about the book here and now i am desperately trying to search it can you pls help!

{Ed033's Note - Dr. Carol Rosin

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Thanks a ton ed!

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28 May 2012 12:58:17
seen a new documentary series on discovery channel i think about Bigfoot or Sasquatch as they call it in USA and Canada a few new videos and eye witness accounts ,deffo think its possible and to be honest i did not know how big and uninhibited the area was apart from elk and other wildlife.

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It's called "finding bigfoot".

IMO bigfoot does exist, i watch all the cryptozoology videos and everywhere in the world they go the locals who live in the remote areas seem to describe the same thing, from russia to america to asia.
also watch lloyd pyes human origins video, he gives a good theory on bigfoot/yeti/orang pendek.


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27 May 2012 23:36:24
wat do u all make of the tupac conspiracy there is proof tht its a different cars in the pictures to the video of the crash sities ie pictures multi spokes rims videos 5 spoke rims y his obsession with the number 7 7 day theory shot 7th september died 7 days later was he even in the bmw then 2014 2+0+1+4 =7

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Who cares about him, he obviously didn't care about the fans enough to just turn his back on them and fake his death..

id rather see queen or MJ return.

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But if MJ faked his death aint tht no caring bout your fans to

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