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28 May 2013 22:49:37
Just seen this. Anyone think the us and Russia are going to go head to head at some point.

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Very interesting and worrying Jedi.

Don't the Georgia Guidestones have an inscription with 10 guidelines/commandments, one of which is to maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature.

Sounds like the beginning of global population control to me. Ryan.

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It is political posturing nothing more nothing less, in my opinion a thermonuclear war does not do anyone favours even if they want a 500 mill population, the earth will be near impossible to live on for decades and decades, I am a firm believer that a man made virus will be the main cause of a pandemic that will reduce the worlds population, once they have built all of the d. u. m. b. s they will let lose this virus then billions will die of it and the rest who survive it will end up killing each other ala the hunger games, job done and the earth not scorched.

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Anyone interested in the section of the article mentioning the loss of Bees should have a read of this.

The destruction of Bees is necessary, I think, for the likes of Monsanto to lay claim to Global food production.

Captain Needa

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The elite are colonising everything on mother earth captain.

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28 May 2013 22:08:38
What do you guys make of this tv report here about the massacre in Syria.

200 innocents murdered.

Sad that I'm sceptical of the extent considering the tv is just propagan


Just as they wanna arm the rebels And Russia giving the Syrian army weapons to prevent foreign intervention.

This is nuts.!

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It plays into the hands of the Israelis quite nicely don't you think? Ryan.

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28 May 2013 23:00:49
I think its a genuine massacre. Looks like a lot of it is going on from both sides. that's the problem with civil wars. As we've seen in Yugoslavia and Africa, there's no rules in a civil war. Arming either side doesn't help the situation. Can't believe we'd want to arm the same lot we're fighting over in the Stan. Same time Russians are just stirring things to look like they are still important.

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A massacre funded by the west for their own gains.

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I think Israel is worried that some weapons from either the West or Russia will fall into Hamas/Hezbollah hands. Arming either side is just asking for trouble.


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28 May 2013 18:47:08
{Ed033's Note - Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society

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28 May 2013 18:38:23
the woolwich killers tried to get recruited by mi5, this is why it was no false flag but the secret services have blood on their hands as well .

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Great shout Franky, the authorities will always try to make the most out of a heinous act. Aimo

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Franky did they try to get recruited or did MI5 try to recruit them? Cheers. Ryan.

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28 May 2013 23:09:41
There's something like 2000 suspects considered dangerous. They can't be watched constantly with the budget cuts. Also you never hear of the attacks that get stopped. I know for a fact of one that was stopped recently and instead they put out a cover story of something else. Its about time something was done about this menace instead of hiding behind stupid laws and pandering to people who abuse a country they want to destroy.

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They tried to recruit a number of times which could have been a catalyst for the murders or even worse the secret service knew these radicals were going to snap and let it play out.

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28 May 2013 16:58:53
I have always been fascinated and concerned about the Genette Tate case. Just google Genette Tate investigation group and open the page GTIG.

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