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28 Oct 2011 18:34:45
What do we think the story is behind the Bermuda Triangle always been fascinated by this?

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Same i always watched programms about it but most of them said its a time hole.. this fella was flying to somewhere in america. it should have taken 3 hours but it took 3 mins freaky

Irish Red {Ed033's Note - There is another triangle on the opposite side of the world to the Bermuda triangle where strange things happen such as ships, planes disappear, which is known as The Dragons Triangle off the east coast of Japan -

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{Ed033's Note - The Dragon's Triangle is where Amelia Earhart disappeared.}

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How do people know where people dissapeared If they dissapeared, did they see them dissapear??

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They would be on the radar one minute and get to a certain point on the radar and disappear... yeah ed i heard of that freaky stuff

Irish Red

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Dragon triangle also where apparently the flying dutchman has been seen drifting then dissappears, been a few accounts....
been talk about these being USO bases these triangles all sorts of weird stuff happens in and around them

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Didn't Amelia Earhart crash-land on Gardner (sp) Island?

Ships in the Pacific picked up distress signals from the island up to a week after she vanished....

Adam {Ed033's Note - Maybe Amelia Earhart did no one really knows what happened to her.}

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Ed, as a guess, what do you think happened to her?

Adam {Ed033's Note - I don't know. Maybe she went over a part of the Dragon's Triangle and then she came out of it and had to find somewhere to land because of low fuel. Maybe she found land and attempted to communicate or maybe she didn't.}

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28 Oct 2011 17:58:22
The problem is there will always be a certain number of individuals who see conspiracies in anything and everything . By definition those people will alway
think that THEY are up to something and keeping
things from us ordinary people.

Suppose no-one was keeping anything from us ?

I am sure there are some conspiracies and some
things that governments will keep from us - but
sometimes stuff just happens without any jiggery-pokery going on .


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I argee , most things are more straight forward , but theres plenty of things in the world and history to leave us puzzled ,puzzled.............lfc

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History tell us one thing, legend tells us another. Sometimes they both cross

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Can I remind people that at one time, something as blatantly obvious as the Mafia was considered a conspiracy theory.

If you really want to downplay the number of "conspiracies" in the world (and lets try to use dictionary definitions here, not some MSM trick of making associations and making them stick), we could just as easily say that it's business as usual. People combine to f*** other people over. It has always been this way. Being used to living in a society that is riddled with conspiracies does not mean freedom. It just means you can't see the wood for the trees.

Again, just my opinion.


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28 Oct 2011 15:59:29
Everybody must watch Ancient Aliens, The Evidence, The Return and The Mission. I truly beleive that weve had contact with people from another planet. All the evidence is out there, things that litterally cannot be explained, the cock ups from the American Government, ie Roswell, where the military says they had found a crashed flying saucer, then days later they said it was a mistake and got mixed up with a weather balloon (how stupid do they think we are). There are videos, reports from high people in high places, how can this be going on and how long until the next roswell? and why do the government keep it from us? is it because all the religions would collapse? and the governments would get a huge backlash and never be trusted again? (not like i trust those b@stards anyway) youtube ancient aliens if you guys havnt already...

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If you mean that we must watch it because it's a great example of snappy editing and colourful locations that some people can confuse with genuine research, then I agree.


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While of course your entitled to your own view on the show, i feel you're being a tad harsh to be honest. If you'd actually take the time to watch the programme, no one ever says "this is evidence". Yes suggestion is made some of the findings may prove to be evidence, but that's as far as I've seen it go. Thing is, it's the only show on mainstream tv that talks about these things. Also, some of the things that have been found in ancient mesopatamia (spelling) does bring up some seriously strange questions.
Don't get me wrong, it's very possible that ancient man was actually at the highest peak of technology and was so far advanced, when the deluge (or other catastrophe) happened, then everything was lost. Let's face it, there are monolithic blocks all over the planet that have been cut precisely and moved miles from quarry's, some of these blocks weigh in the higher regions of 10's of thousands of tonns, some even higher. Now we have to sit back in amazement, no matter who it was, as to how these things have been done, as we are still in the dark about how it was actually done, even with our technology today we can't replicate such things.
So in all, I disagree with what you make of said tv programme, or at least I do until I see evidence of the researchers on the programme trying to shove it down our throats.



Ps. What you should do, is listen to what they have to say, check it out for yourself then you can make up your own mind on whatever topic is up for discussion, and I assure you, you'll be left with more questions than answers my friend.

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I wouldn't have said this if I hadn't seen the show. When I first heard about it, i was quite excited. Only until i saw it though. Style over substance. It's just another tv show.


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28 Oct 2011 02:37:52
The Phillidelphia experiment . Forgot all about it till i came across something
called The real Phillidelphia experiment on some documentaries site , have to
say looking at the "evidence" now i am pretty sceptical , can anyone shed any
new light on the subject ?

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World war 2 apparently a ship was made invisible. Load of balls {Ed001's Note - no mate, they tried to turn a ship invisible, the claim is it vanished rather than turned invisible. Then there was a later claim that it travelled through time. So it may well be a load of balls, but at least get the right set of balls! Nothing worse than playing football with a cue ball.....}

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Apparantly when the ship returned or reappeared alot of the structure had been warped and some crew and been melted into the ships body work


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Have a look at the montauk project on youtube , interesting stuff about the phillidelphia experiment.............lfc

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Cheers, i checked out the montuak project on
youtube , only got through 15 minutes though.
The fella doing all the talking is obviously lying
or delusional , the erm time-traveller next to him
seems to be caned.Quite funny.
JR {Ed033's Note - These people talking about the montauk project on youtube are difficult to believe. I think the only thing we can say for sure is that there were government experiments to make ships and planes invisible to radar. These experiments may have gone as far as to attempt ships becoming invisible to the naked eye as well. But with the level of "Black Technology" nowadays, anything could be possible including cloaking of planes and ships that we know of in science fiction.}

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28 Oct 2011 02:05:41
Just watched a conspiracy documentary about Titanic , it was OK but it didn't
hold much water.

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LOL thats great.....tickled me :-)

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Rubbish and it obviously did?

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I was joking

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