Conspiracy Talk Archive October 28 2013


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28 Oct 2013 09:22:02
this is for all you people who like me believe in ufos/alien stories, stan romanek is the guy who had a video set up in his room looking towards his window and you see a alien head glide up a few times (pretty famous youtube clip) at the time I thought definitely fake for a few reasons, like how calm they are at seeing it plus actually setting up a camera in the first place, but as you listen to his life story it is fascinating what he has gone threw and for years has photographic evidence and vocal, either this guy is a great fraud or is telling the truth after watching his speech I think its the latter now.

If you ever had any doubts about UFO's, ET's or abductions then watch this video, good call Franky.

Watched the whole thing. He's on the make with the usual book, talk show and movie money making spin offs. He also failed a lie detector. Spouts more hot air than Lazar.

Wavertree Red

29 Oct 2013 14:29:13
Have you heard of the John Reed/Rutter case, franky? It's equally entertaining, has audio and visual evidence, and has also been long exposed as a hoax. pea

No mate I haven't and I understand the suspicion with this guy with the book/movie deals but if this was just the youtube clip in his bedroom I would agree but you have to admit it is strange a ufo is always around were he is and plenty of witnesses to back up his claims, I have not heard of the failed lie detector wavertree red, I could be wrong on this but I think the guy is telling the truth, one more thing that is going to contradict myself is, when he tells his story he is jokey and a matter of fact about his experiences, most people would be scared and withdrawn plus when he mentions his step grandson possibly being abducted to me that would cause major problems with his g/f, not sure what to think now.

29 Oct 2013 22:19:27
I remember when Romanek came out with his initial claim of having the video, he wouldn't show it although he went onto radio and television talking about it, but still he wouldn't release the footage so what exactly are his motivations?
These types of cases have been going on for a long time, at least since George Adamski's day and they are always complicated by claims and counter-claims that continue to pile up over time, making the waters ever murkier.
I don't see how ufology has moved on at all in nearly 70 years, we're still asking the same questions our predecessors did, and we have the same amount of answers - none. pea

I researched, and apparently a guy has come forward from the Uni that conducted the lie detector on him to say that it was deliberately rigged for him to fail it, have a look yourself. I'm with Franky on this one, there's just too much documented evidence and eye witnesses for this to b a hoax, unless the US Government have set it up as disinformation. I actually think the guy is genuine.

I'm aware of email 'tip off' sent by University student called 'Brent'. The so called witness has never been identified nor his story corroborated. My view is the witness is Romanek himself or a supporter.

Just too many things don't ring true in his interviews and talk. Like how he was awoken in the middle of the night to see a naked figure at the end of his bed running off in to his hallway. Terrified, did he grab his baseball bat, no he grabbed his camcorder as he thought it was his stepson playing a prank! Film which we're yet to see as he's after $50,000 for it. And his so called implants. When pressed to hand them over for independent analysis they suddenly went missing.

Nah. Its another case of ET sells and Romaneks and associates are laughing all the way to the bank.