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28 Sep 2012 20:19:07
Yes Ed3, having a bit of a The Jam session and 30 years on its still bang on, very true, at times it seems nothing has changed from childhood. {Ed003's Note - I do like Weller}

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My first group i got in to in my teens,
'a' Bomb In Wardour Street and mr clean my best jam songs, seen the style council in the empire just before they broke up,weller still a icon now,i always will remember thou once the jam broke up and the style council emerged and brought out there videos every one thought weller was gay especially watching there vids,
great music ,wild wood my best weller song.

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One of my ex-girlfriends swore down that her father has had a 'incident' with Paul Weller, while on holiday somewhere in the Med. Apparently, her mother told her and it was a bit of an 'in-joke' as they were married when it happened....just throwing it out there!


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28 Sep 2012 20:02:19
And the public gets what the public wants
But I want nothing this society's got........... {Ed003's Note - The Jam. }

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28 Sep 2012 14:25:24
hi all was wondering if anyone else watched the mermaids documentary on the animal channel last night ? i found it quite interesting , as usuall it has the yanks testing weapons in the heart of it ! would love anyone else's thoughts on it cheers......andy.

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U do know that it wasnt real....

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28 Sep 2012 12:10:37
Hi can't reply but.

With a resume like this - Navy Seal, Professional Wrestler, Actor, Politician (including Governor of Minnesota) - i would happily bet both my balls that Jesse Ventura is a mason of one sort-or-another (..aren't we all?). Either one of those professions would increase, if not, guaruntee, complicit involvement with a compartmentalised Secret Society.

I would surmise that when we stop believing the 'official' version (of largely anything), then there is a counter version - a pre-approved, rubber-stamped, tangled mess of lies and deceit so phoney and convoluted it could rival the 'official' version - ready and waiting for us to walk right into.

The Machine likes to control both sides and induce it's own desired, rabidly insane outcomes.

Don't let it discourage you - keep peeling the onion.

Renegadely Pealey

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I think that could be a possibility how ever some of his shows can be interesting and one of them i actually think that police state episode was not allowed to be aired and one from his new serious (3) its about free energy will not be allowed to air but he does raise some issues. You have to wonder is he playing a role acting to an extent and playing on some relevant issues to make money but who knows he said something interesting at an end of an interview with piers morgan , piers said Jesse venture is a character ,alter ego, persona you have created will u retire it or end it something along those line and he replied yes and probably soon so i think hes just playing on the market of conspiracy theory's witch is a big market but hes does ask questions either way

DELL {Ed001's Note - you have to ask why anyone like him would do an interview with Piers 'phone hacking scum' Morgan really? Says to me Ventura is only interested in making money. Though that doesn't mean he doesn't make some good points.}

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I agree ed he does make good points and asks questions the show he done on the BP oil spill was interesting , bp having prior knowledge that something was going to happen or could happen and people high up in bp selling most of their shares and buying the clean up company not long before it happened and tie to a company that makes the chemicals used to clean it have you seen that one ed or whats you view on the bp oil spill new to the site you have probably already had this discussion before.
DELL {Ed001's Note - I haven't really looked into it mate, though he is correct that BP had prior knowledge. BP are only interested in profits, they care nothing for anything other than making money, like all corporations, and they don't care who gets hurt on the way.}

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