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29 Apr 2012 12:44:20
very interesting especially when you consider the fake alien invasion theory ....and this one part of the article captured my imagination--

"The location has been chosen as it is situated close to the Olympic Park and offers an excellent view of the surrounding area and the entire sky above the Olympic Park.

"The top of the tower also offers a flat, uncluttered and safe area from which to operate."

The Army website says the HVM system is "designed to counter threats from very high performance, low-flying aircraft"

if there was going to be a terror threat wouldn't it be a commercial airliner of smaller private aircraft?....

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Stormer hvm is a load of guff, rapier was better IMO

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All the Olympic invasion/terrorism stuff imo wont happen only because people are saying it will happen,i think there is more chance of something going off in euro 2012 in the ukraine.

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I agree franky, people who know about this stuff are expecting it to happen, so they will move their attention to something we wont expect.


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Project bluebeem.

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29 Apr 2012 01:24:39
Are ghost's real or are alien's real do the greys visit us when we are in a certain state of mind.For example,if i drink i sleep pretty good or so i feel,if i don't drink i struggle to drop off,but at a point in time i get a strange feeling that im not alone and somtimes i hear a sound of knocking as if there is someone at the door!wtf..

red blancmonge

{Ed033's Note - I supposed it depends on how much alcohol you drink. Some people don't realise that alcohol is a highly poisonous substance that can cause a number of non normal effects to the brain.

If we forget about alcohol, virtually everyone having this kind of experience is actually experiencing what is known as "sleep paralysis" and not abductions by either non human entities or MI Labs. This sleep paralysis can include hallucinations, feeling a presence of others around you, a feeling of being touched, or hearing voices or noises that aren't "real".

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Ive had sleep paralysis and it's not nice, i was asleep and i woke up (so i thought) and i couldn't move and this strange hairy creature like a bigfoot was at the bottom of my bed just crouching there and then it started to get up and move towards me and i was trying to shout for help but nothing would come out, i couldn't move or make a sound, i just felt helpless.
when i woke up i was still trying to shout for help.
it's a strange thing to experience.


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I think ghost as we call them are from a different dimension that 99per cent of us can see,so basically when we die our soul does not go to heaven but goes to a different dimension .

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Duh forgot to post

red blancmonge..

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What would it be called if you fiqure out your dreaming in the dream then it turns into a nightmare becuse you know your dreaming?

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I think that is called lucid dreaming mate, sometimes a person finds out that they are dreaming during the dream. So since they are aware it is infact only a dream, in theory the individual should be able to control their dream and prevent or chance the nightmare situation. I personaly have experianced this a few times, and it is a lot of fun :D some people are even able to teleport during their dreams, you should read up more about it, as there are many websites about this subject.

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That explains it mate thanks for that lucid dreams are good but when it goes wrong it goes really wrong but thats all part Of the expierence haha

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29 Apr 2012 01:11:30
Watched the film "Limitless" last night for about the 10th time, however saw it in a whole new light after reading about the pineal gland on here.

For anyone who hasnt seen it the general jist of the film is that there is a drug which allows a person to use the brain to its full capacity.

Anyway the film got me thinking about whether a pill like this could exist that could unlock the pineal glands potential, any thoughts?


{Ed033's Note - In ancient egypt there was a substance that the royalty/high priests consumed which we know of as white powder gold. This is gold in its monoatomic high spin state. The ancient egyptians called it mfkzt. Sir William Flinders Petrie found a load white powder in a temple but virtually all of it blew away when the lids of the caskets it was in were opened. A guy called David Hudson rediscovered this monoatomic gold on his farm. When consumed this monoatomic gold allegedly enhances brain function. You can buy this substance today but you are probably not going to get the exact same substance the ancient egypt royalty/high priests consumed.

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Is monoatomic gold not what the bible says is mana from heaven, not that i believe bible.

{Ed033's Note - It has been speculated that it is but who knows?

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Where can I get some, I can start my clubbing days all over again.


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Think it might be a tad bit different to what you took in your clubbing days Supasub


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