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29 Apr 2013 21:24:25
What are peoples opinions on how Humans came to be, i'm with Lloyd Pye, I think there was some intervention (not God)

Just to add (for jay) I believe in Evolution but I don't believe it created Humans.

{Ed033's Note - it's difficult to explain the different races unless there was intervention or we came here from some other planet.

A personally think a couple a thousand of us were kicked out a spaceship about 100 thousand years ago. And once we get to the 50 billion mark, they'll be back for a mega meat harvest.


I do not believe evolution suddenly makes us the top of the food chain, I firmly think we were created or come from somewhere else.

Well, knowing that the atoms we are made up of come from space, a star explosion billions of years ago, I would say evolution is the answer to our being! There is plenty of evidence to show the very, very slow process of evolution, if you want to see it. Evolution happens everywhere on this planet, from plants, animals and us, always adapting to our surroundings! There is great evidence of this in the Galápagos Islands, where there is a species of turtle, spread out over the Galapagos, and with each different environment, each turtle has different features, yet all share the same family tree. The more land living ones have better equipped (feet?) fir journying across land than the more water dwelling ones, who have more fin shaped type of (feet?) and other things like shape of mouth/snout/beek or whatever the correct term is! Lol
This type of evolution is everywhere to see, and it's taken the universe 14billion years to sustain such complex life! The life we know anyway!
Check out Richard Dawkins, or Neil Degrasse Tyson. These guys are great at explaining these complex situations and making you realise just how wonderful and mysterious evolution is!



Jay, I said I believe in Evolution. but I believe it DIDN'T create humans.

29 Apr 2013 22:20:33
Came from some other planet like in the film Knowing? Or extra terrestrial intervention like in Babylon 5?

Jay evolution with others I would agree but our species suddenly made a quantum leap compared to other species?sorry I don't go along with that I revert to my previous post.

What we have going on here, as part of a concerted effort to conceal from the human race both it's origins and present state of existence, is a total mind-job being done on the people. It's mission is to polarise people into two opposing camps, neither of which is entirely true.
On the one side we get Creationists and Bible Thumpers, and on the other we get the Crusading Athiests and Stormtroopers of Darwinism. Neither is truly rational, because they let their emotions guide them, and can be quick to mock those that don't agree with them.
Which brings us to the crux of the matter, the elusive 'truth in the middle' (being covered up by the. media) which is that we here on Earth live in Modified Evolution.
"Where is the evidence" they say, well, it's not in a textbook, it's not going to be in the news, there are no university degrees, no boffin will be wheeled out of some stagnant "educational" instituion to parade up and down the streets,

and yet, the evidence is truly overwhelming. It is a preponderance of circumstantial evidence, all pointing at the truth, we live in Modified Evolution.


My opinion is we are here as either a punishment or for our own protection.

{Ed033's Note - Seems to be some sort of weird prison planet where the criminals run things.

Nothing really "created" us as such, but the human species is a result of evolution, the evidence is there for all to see!


Where is this "overwhelming" evidence, and where does it come from? What does it say? Sounds a bit of a cop out not to mention any recognised scientist who are providing this evidence! And why the pop at atheists?



30 Apr 2013 15:22:00
I have no interest in this conversation with you anymore. Thought i'd give you the courtesy of letting you know, that with all due respect, I just can't be bothered, mate. Been there, done that. pea

I'm confused, I thought Jay was Pro Evolution? (as in it created us)

I am very much pro evolution, that's the reason we are here today! some people get confused thinking that we must have a purpose, nothing could be further from the truth! we'd be here with or without purpose as a result of evolution!

and Pea, ducking out of the difficult questions and ending the conversation? i'm quite surprised tbh. any other poster on here will at least refute what they say, not shy away! and why are you taking this so personally, these are only people opnions on here!


Glasgow {Ed001's Note - but you are asking for evidence, when you yourself can provide none of humans evolving to where we are. Where is the step before humankind? There is nothing, no evidence at all, of any kind of 'missing link' between ourselves and apes.}

But ed, surely you seen he has great evidence, or at least knows of it, yet he won't share? a little preculiar that he talks about having/knowining of evidence, yet doesn't want asked about it! that's just not right, and i'm quite surprised at you jumping to his/her defence. You've been quick to do similar things on other posts too! probs best I just stay away from now on, cause seems likes everyones opinion has merit apart from mine, which is your perogitive. but I remember being one of the first people to visit this site daily and now it seems my views may not be as welcome as others. So with that, i'm thinking I may take a break from here because it seems like my views offend some!



Ps! (reply to the actual post)
well I disagree about the evidence! the greatest minds on the planet back up evolution to our being, people like the great richard dawkins, christopher hitchens, neil degrasse tyson, darwin etc. and i'm happy to agree with them than mental beliefs made up from nothing! {Ed001's Note - I am not offended mate, merely pointing out that there is no actual evidence, hence the huge search for a missing link. Without one, evolution just doesn't explain humanity. Like I said earlier, a lack of evidence to back up evolution is clear here, regardless of those people you list, who are quite capable of being wrong as well. Show me evidence of something to explain human origins, not just a list of random people who have a theory. I find that the greatest minds claim is often overblown, no matter how great your mind is, you can't possibly know everything, though that is my ambition in life!
I think you are being extremely disrespectful suggesting that not believing in evolution is mental and made up from nothing. It is quite the opposite, when the evidence suggest a great leap forward in cranial capacity, with no obvious reason or evolutionary chain for such a leap. Right now, the evidence suggests that we all evolve, but not that humans evolved from anything else, just that they appeared fully formed.
As things stand, evolution does not have the evidence to back up the theory, no more than any other theory. There is, on the other hand, plentiful evidence of ancient civilizations with advanced technology, including the capability to do brain surgery on what, we are told, were cavemen with stone implements. Evolution also suggest a slow improvement over millions of years, with changes happening over millenia, yet humanity is meant to have appeared, in evolutionary terms, the blink of an eye.
Until questions such as the missing link and why we evolved so fast can be answered adequately, rather than fudged over as they are currently, evolution can not be considered the absolute answer. I am very surprised you are so set in stone over this, surely you should have an open mind to all things, even those things that you don't like? After all, could the strange belief that ancient man has passed down to us, of gods, not be possibly explained by it being a more advanced race creating us in a genetic experiment? God/s don't actually have to be any more than beings with powers we couldn't explain, would modern day man, flying in planes and helicopters, not seem godlike in the way they are described in the Old Testament and ancient Indian texts etc?
Not that I am saying that is the answer either, I am just saying I am keeping an open mind until the day one theory can be proven conclusively.}

I don't think Jay understands that people know Evolution IS REAL but it DIDN'T create mankind.
Even the church now accepts Evolution.

If it did create mankind then where is the missing link?


Jay I have to agree with the edd its just our opinions so do not take offence mate after all nearly everyone ticks my disagree box when I write something lol

A disagree from me here Franky.
i mostly click agree.


Cheers bud ha {Ed001's Note - I never click the buttons usually, but just for you I might make a point of clicking disagree now! ;o)}

I was watching a clip on youtube a while back and they reckon there is a strand of dna in our dna that seperates us from the ordinary mammal/monkey or whatever, that could not get there by evolution. In a crop circle apparently done by aliens, it had abit on the crop circle with a picture of their dna. That dna had 1 more strand than ours (i think strand is right). Could it be that aliens put that "strand" there to make us smart enough to be their slaves or was it all to do with frequencies and pole shifts? By pole shifts and frequencies I mean that by the earth moving up in frequency when a pole shift occurs (us becoming instantly super intelligent and spiritual) maybe our dna changed aswell. Apparently the eqyptian gods came from a parrallel universe on a higher frequency and they were giants. what i'm trying to say is that you have to look at it with a very open mind and forget everything you have been told in school because most of its nonsense. anyway i'm yapping on and this will make no sense at all to people that haven't researched the same subjects so I will leave it there.

Night All

Geordie Al

Cheers edd feeling the love ha

Love this subject lads, Lloyd Pie does say it best, science cannot prove everything they don’t admit too but it’s very convenient to call something ‘ the Missing Link’ in the hope that it covers a huge area of are so called evolving species.

As I said before, I think we were placed here for either our own protection or because we did something so heinous that other civilizations from other Worlds decided that a devolution on a mental and technological capacity was punishment fit for our crimes, what ever they were. It has already been said that we are formed and although we have similar DNA to the other creatures we share this planet with we a completely unique.

Also, a quickie for all those pro evolutionaries the only animals that we can see actively changing, not evolving, are dogs. Dogs breading with other dogs to create a new breads of dog. this (MAY and I have may the may in capitals because it is a may and not an IS) be what happened with our species that we may have bread our way to what we are now by breading and making new and breading and changing etc. But this still does not explain why this phenomena is still occurring before our very eyes.

I like the prison planet / protection theory I have coined called Alexs theory. Remember the name ALEXS THEORY. So if we ever discuss this again, we can say what about Alexs theory.