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29 Dec 2012 22:10:53
First time i have ever really read a few posts on this site, excellent work ED's and posters.I see a few posts regarding the influence of the USA on Britain, which is undeniable, and the Russian/China playing the bad guys to the yanks in the white Stetsons.All true of course.But slightly misguided i think.The true bad guys in all the worlds problems are the Zionist neo cons running America.How else could Israel receive the funding and support they enjoy from the USA without this? Israel are blatantly ignoring the fact they are in breach of UN directives in Palestine yet still the USA are one shadowy step behind them. Zionism is a cancer on democracy and is spreading through the world, with people in positions of enormous power, at an alarming rate. How in any free world can the Rothschild family have assets totalling $500 TRILLION, half the worlds wealth, in the hands of one family? GJ.

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Could not agree more, there fingers in every pie not just the uk/usa.

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What irks me most is that zionism hides behind democracy and claims to be helping the world out, it is modern day facism(which is so ironic considering who the facists persecuted) Americas step over anyone version of capitalism is so degrading to a country that attempted to build itself as a land of equality. ik this site is supposed to be lighthearted but i truly believe we are standing on the brink of the next global war

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I will agree some kind of war is looming on a global scale, dont want to come across as doom n gloom but i hope i'm wrong...

red blancmonge

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29 Dec 2012 01:47:21
{Ed033's Note - Part Three of the ET Elements of The Falklands War including the intelligent nano oil (seen in the prometheus film) and the Marconi deaths that are linked with this. (Part 1 and 2 video is posted lower down on this page)

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{Ed033's Note - Part Four of the ET Elements of The Falklands War about the intelligent nano black oil shown in the prometheus film

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