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29 Jan 2012 22:18:37
Hi Ed, been looking on a site called project Avalon forum as was looking for Anthony Sanchez's UFO Highway. It say there in October 2010 that he withdrew the book due to the death of someone close to him.
Do you if you can get the book now, and who died. It all appeared very sinister.

{Ed033's Note - Anthony Sanchez was working on his book and he suffered a "loss" in 2010, this actually could have been him splitting up with his Mrs and because he was saddened by this "loss", Anthony decided to stop his research altogether. Then Bill Ryan ex-Project Camelot now Project Avalon and other friends of Anthony urged hm to continue with his excellent research. Anthony then decided to carry on and is now working on a new book called Project Leonid (

His previous book UFO Highway is still available at

If you go to youtube and search for Anthony Sanchez, you can listen to his various interviews on UFO Highway and Project Leonid that he has done with Veritas, Red Ice Creations, Coast 2 Coast am, Project Camelot etc.

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29 Jan 2012 20:19:58
What do you guys make of this?

Blue spheres fell from sky in Bournemouth they are jelly like but have no smell and aren't sticky


Blue sphere that fell from sky jelly like but<br />
no smell and not sticky

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Scientists think these could be jellyfish eggs, swept up from the sea. Very cool...


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Surely this could be proved if that is true?!


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PIP breast implants by the looks of it.

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29 Jan 2012 15:17:44
i read somewhere that when you look in to the sky and see a star fall some close relative will die,i didn't believe it.

but recently i was looking at the sky and i dnt knw whethr it was a trick of the eye but i saw a star falling down. i actually didnt care much but just after few hours one of my relative died.......

she was old by the way,prbably co incidence

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Its true..the star did it

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