Conspiracy Talk Archive January 29 2013


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29 Jan 2013 18:43:26
Sorry to bring up a football/sports issue, I can't remember exactly what I've put in my older footballing posts regarding doping but Dr Fuentes (one of the doctors in the cycling doping/ blood transfusion scandal who I think I've posted about before) who has very liberal views to say the least about doping has been quoted as saying he has had many clients in football, tennis and other sports. He is one doctor of a few who has been employed on an ad hoc basis by Barcelona and apparently Real Madrid advising the club doctors and medical staff. I think he has or still does have an involvement with the Spanish national side. He might have also worked with Nadal & Tiger woods to name just a couple of other sportsmen if its the same doctor I'm thinking about.
Any thoughts anyone? If and when all these sportsmen and women's names come out who have used this and the other doctors involved, who and will anyone look into it? I'd like to have a little faith and hope so.


I think I remember you mentioning this before in connection to 1 specific player.

personally nowt will happen, Fifa have their head in the sand and are worse than any of the sporting governing authorities.

Even if anything did come out or was done about it, it'll be after said player has retired.

Supasub, this doc worked with Nadal and it was rumoured that he was giving him steriods. Nadal came under suspicion, got injured and came back a hell of a lot skinnier.

Personally I hope it is just rumours because he's one of my favourite athletes.


Maybe he wasn't injured, maybe they caught him and instead of the big scandal they banned him on the quiet and said it was an injury and gave him time to clean up? Lets face it if it had came out that the all conquering best player in the world had had some technical help it would have killed tennis.

I've long suspected the Willams' as well.

Yeah that was pretty much the suspicion mate. That they had him fake an injury, clean up and ditched the riods. Saying that, he's always had trouble with the knees, so hopefully it's just rubbish. He was a top athlete in his prime, used to love watching the matches he played against Fed.