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29 Jul 2012 18:15:35
hi this is a bit old now but i noticed in the rita ora video 'hot right now' that zion is spray painted on one of the buildings behind her. isnt her music produced by jay-z's production company? dont kno if this is strange or what lol what do you all think?
Bedford Gooner

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I think that particular song was produced by dj fresh?

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29 Jul 2012 11:18:27
not to sure how long this image will stay up but whats with all the pyrimids in the back ground ( the bbc olympics broadcast image)

Image location on the BBC

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That's part of the BBCs coverage of the Olympics showing London landmarks inside the Olympic stadium. The pyramid like structures are the supports which run around the top of the main stadium.

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Hi ed just came across this..

Seems to back up your opinions!

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Yeah its the top of the stadium, at first i thought it was supposed to be like a crown and i guess thats what your meant to think, but looking at it again in the build up to friday i noticed it was a row pyramids. But then London is full of pyramids, shard, canary wharf etc.

{Ed033's Note - These are the floodlights in triangular shape

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Yes Ed but why triangular. As i said at first i thought that the stadium was supposed to have a crown shape, you know Lomdon, Diamond jubilee and all that jazz but they do look like pyramids.

{Ed033's Note - The triangular floodlights maybe their idea of showing pyramid symbols but if anyone says anything they can say they are just triangular floodlights

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29 Jul 2012 08:59:37
Any of this make any sense to anybody or is it all just coincidence?

#Fact - Wretch 32 adidas advert rappin abt tick tick time bomb and has the london undergound drawn out on sum girls belly in the vid
#Fact - Kylie minogue singing abt time bomb and the vid is in london and she's singing abt hw we aint got long to go
#Fact - Tinnie tempah and lambrinth singing earthquake sayin they predict fire they predict riots they predict evil and that we better run. And wt we abt to witness is not an illusion.
The vid is based in the olympics stadium And on the car number plate it says ur all dead.
#Fact - u have programmes like bbc3 who release things like spooks code 9 that show wts gonna happen wen the Bomb goes off
#Fact - u have the euro 2012 advert showing london on fire and the world at war kinda weird for A football advert. #Fact - olympic mascots wit 1eye of the dajjal antichrist and the logo spellin zion and shows big ben bein steppd on in the advert.
#Fact - recently attacks carried out by MK ultra manchurian drones. A cover up of bulgarian authroities to hide the identity of the suicide bomber. The same cover up of colardo authorities to hide the identity of the second shooter at the batman premiere. Human sacrifices that happened 7days before the London olympics. Which not by coincidence begins in the same day of hebrew mystic day of tisha b'av. The jewish 9/11. Obama said we cnt blame things on iran yet cos their isn't enuff
Evidence. But their gonna use the olympics to blame iran. So they can finally start the ww3.
#Fact - 1day before the cinema killings lil wayne releases a new music video “my homies still” showin 12dead skeletons in a cinema.
#Fact - alot of ppl are striking 24hours before the olympics so the security is weak on purpose.
#Fact - they closed the central line between leytonstone and bethnal green on london underground on june 6th for 32hours blamin it on water bursts and leaks. Using thames water as an excuse.
Sounds like they are installing/have installed explosives


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I guess your hoping for somthing to happen my prediction is it wont it never does we sha'll see!


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It either will or it wont, either way after 911 nothing should shock us ever again what the global banking gangsters can come up with.


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I watched that on YouTube ear
Ire Chris, London Olympic ceremony or summin no way is it all a coincidence. Far to many parts of it make sense. BLUEBOY1

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Any chances of a link to that video on YouTube? Seems interesting

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Illuminati next mofe i think. search youtube for olympics illuminati, lots of good vids. and if u want some on 7-7 london bombings search 7-7 ripple effect

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