Conspiracy Talk Archive July 29 2013


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28 Jul 2013 23:29:38
To all these posters like Franky and myself, whose wife was fuming about missing a programme because of the 'royal' birth, this is worth a read

jill dando murder link to the royal baby scam

I think the link gives a brief outline of what you're about to read.

I have no real thoughts about it myself, I mean, I wouldn't put it passed them and there seem to be connections with other cases and people, but it also seems a little implausible. Thoughts anyone?


Good link trotskyghost I am doubtful about the kid not being theirs because they would get a oscar for being bloody good actors am more interested in Dr. Farthing /jill dando connection , with all the circus of the birth and the drs who were in charge not a mention that the dr was engaged to dando, friends in high places?

29 Jul 2013 17:08:51
I'd say it's closer to reality than the story we get told. pea

29 Jul 2013 18:05:03
Did you not know, fair un-named poster, that "all the world's a stage"? Did nobody tell you? pea

Sorry pea I never signed in I was the unnamed poster.