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29 Jun 2012 20:37:24
Ed i seen you used the term "time slips" in another post reply and my questions are these do you think it is possible? Are there any credible or even interesting theories on this phenomenon?


{Ed033's Note - time slips are associated with the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil's Triangle.

People have apparently experienced timeslips. Whitley Strieber has allegedly experienced 2 time slips

Timeslips in Liverpool

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Thanks ed much appreciated


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Great link edd tom slemmen lived in our tenements years ago he is a great writer i have read that in a book a few years ago, my question is, if theres is time slips that can lead to the past could there also time slips to the future? any more tom slemmon links edd?

{Ed033's Note - I don't know about time slips to the future. Here's another question; is there just 1 timeline or are there more than 1 timelines?

If you use a search engine, you would surely find a number of tom slemen links.

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Another timeline ed? Sort of like other dimensions playing out at the same time as us? History is know to repeat itself.. This brings a whole new meaning to that phrase haha!


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Do you mean like a different time-lines to different centuries? if so yes i do think there are more than one time-lines, seen a few things about the american civil war and a few other bits.

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Took a stroll down Bold Street hoping to get caught in one.
The accounts stated appear to indicate that you can't interact, so it's like your displaced.
Very interesting.


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Has anyone ever expierenced a timeslip? i only ask because i had a really weird event happen to me. i was on the computer visiting this site as it happens, i was looking at the time on the screen which said 17.35 and i was thinking i wish i had a few more hours as i needed to get ready for my sons engagement party, when all of a sudden i got this weird feeling in my head, everything went fuzzy and for a split second went black. I then look at the time and it was 15.35!! every other clock said the same, i even phoned my sister and the time was the same aswell. I have expeirenced other weird things too lately but my post is a bit too long to inclued these. Any ideas would be appreciated as its done my head in a bit, thanks. SHAUN

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The only thing that i have about missing time is ufo abductions.

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29 Jun 2012 13:17:44
what are peoples thoughts on mokele mbembe and the Emela-ntouka, after watching a few videos on these i think the mokele mbembe could be some sort of sauropod and the emela-ntouka could be an aquatic rhino..

what do people think? i think it's unlikely they do to be honest.
be cool if they did
what you think ed?


{Ed033's Note - Here are 2 possible answers.
1.) These creatures have been around for millions of years in sufficient numbers to maintain a breeding population
2.) In certain parts of the world at certain times there are "time slips" where you can see a creature from the past that is now extinct

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Is that like Primeval? Not being funny just wondering what a time slip is

{Ed033's Note - You would appear to temporarily experience another timeline for a short period of time

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Both quite unlikely, IMO. If either exist, they're not likely to look as described. A sauropod dinosaur would have changed in appearance greatly to be suited to a almost entirely aquatic existence.

Not saying there's nothing in it, plenty of reports and pretty much every African country has its own 'dinosaur' or long-necked water monster. Must be some truth in it, but (and I say this as a massive cryptozoology nerd and believer) I reckon its elephants crossing rivers. Nothing more.

Emela-Ntouka, I feel is either a rhino or hippo, maybe an amalgamation of both with some embellishments.

Some far more likely cryptids from Africa though mate, you should check 'em out.....Dingonek; Kongomato; Hadjel; Irizima; and so on.

None as exciting as fully grown dinosaurs gadding about, but all could plausibly be real, unknown animals.


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29 Jun 2012 01:18:24
Are we at the peak of human evolution? I mean in nature evolution weeds out the less effective, the better suited survive and reproduce. This isnt the case for humans now though, quite the opposite most of the time, we tend to pair up and reproduce regardless of how fat/stupid/lazy, more often than not with people similar to ourselves. Its quite depressing that if anything, these genes are more common and getting reproduced more than the clever/athletic/ambitious types. Also we want to 'mother' people who are less able, and our ability to empaphise makes us less ruthless, it could be that the traits that makes us 'human' could be our downfall and prevent us from advancing. Would it be morally right/wrong to try and change this, it could lead to a better future for everyone but there would obviously be immediate struggles? Any thoughts, had this conversation a lot with friends recentley, im undecided


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I would think evolution would mean exactly that and doesnt have a peak or it is no longer evolution. You only have to go to some really old places in this country, the type of places Americans come to see with real history like Stratford on Avon and the like, and when you see the oldest buildings there, notice how low/short the doors are in general. This tells me we are getting taller, in half a million years Im sure people will be generally 10 feet tall, so we are surely evolving into something different looking.


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You're wrong, the difference in height is down to better diets etc, nature hasnt forced us to adapt to be taller, it would take a lot longer than a few generations to add a foot in height naturally. I dont see how everyone will be 10 foot tall naturally, it wont make us better suited for our current environment, and it would require a weeding out process of the shorter people. It is a lot more likley that we will get fatter and lazier. I think the only beneficial adaptations we can make now will be man made, steroid enduced or tweaked genes etc. We just dont need to evolve to suit our environment anymore because we can just make tools/solve problems logically


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