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29 Jun 2013 14:38:10
If ever proof were needed that we are being taken for mugs it has arrived. Quite apart from the ridiculous cost of paying for their wedding, in the middle of a period of austerity, another £1m was spent on 'preparing' a house for two more royal parasites. Just why are we paying for this? If the queen gets over £30m per year why did she not foot the bill? If, as we are constantly told, she is feeling the pinch sell some of her numerous paintings or property. When will people wake up to the fact that these people do not care about anyone but themselves. Every halfwit who waves a flag at a wedding or some other waste of money ceremony needs electro shocked into reality. How many palaces, how many jewels and just how much is her art collection worth? Yet still she has the cheek to take more from taxpayers.

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Could not agree more mate, it turns out the royal family descended from Dracula{Vlad the impaler}and Illuminati founder Weishaupt's sugar daddy (Duke Saxe-Gotha) its on dispatchers 8pm monday says tony gosling.

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Yea I laughed other day when news was on they said about the increase in sovereign payment but when on to stress how frugal the queen was and how she looked after the finances, if she was that worried she could sell 1 piece a year of her vast jewellery or art collection most of that stuff is near priceless it's worth so much, royals have pulled master stroke of keeping power and money but people think they defunct, why does the priminister have to go there every week to update a so called powerless figure head? It's not like he has nothing else to do, always found it strange it's never commented on

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Yea definitely the people have been robbed blind and fooled on scale too big to comprehend monarchy realised long before anyone else it would be easier to pull strings from the background than worry about running country day to day it works even better now that they have the media to falsely reinforce the perception this is very much a multilayered society with a super elite we know virtually nothing about except they rob us blind and even that they have covered up fantastically, always remember watching clip from House of Lords where lord blackheath says a group was willing to wipe out uk debit but it want to talk to someone in uk of top 6 security clearance in the world, which in itself is an amazing statement. Top 6 in world and if there is a top six who where the group that had more money than them? We can only ever guess this lot have far too much power for us to ever scratch the surface their identity or intent

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The i'm convinced that all the western leaders are related, even the most powerful working class are not innocent. Bloodlines are the key 2 all our conspiracy theories imo.

Food 4 thought, you know Cherie Blair?. well in her bloodline there is an interesting freemason, called John Wilks Booth. the guy who shot Abraham Lincoln. there are strange coincidences.

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You are right the bloodlines are the most important thing, every american president in history are related to each other including the opposition.

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29 Jun 2013 11:13:28
Dr Richard Sauder - A Message For Humanity 2 hour radio interview

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29 Jun 2013 10:10:22
so the royals granted a new right of secrecy and do not be fooled it is all about fiances, but for the time being I will just mention the finances, kate and wills pad a million pound makeover, in 2005 the queen asks for a heating grant I could list many more but the whole point is in the future if we as the people want to know what the monarchy have fleeced off the uk we will get told its none of our business and I think because we are in a bad state for the next few years, the monarchy do not want to upset the people with what they are claiming for in case there is a revolt.

Now this also means negative stories about the monarchy (not that the media would put them out anyway) for instance we know prince 'dodge the coffin' Phillip is a well know Nazi sympathizer, earl Mountbatten was in to kids and a well known homosexual, they hire known pedophiles in estates all around the uk, this is not news, it is just not publicized by the media for a reason, to keep us blind and dumb, if we do not demand more from our elected politicians we will be none the wiser than our ancestors hundreds of years ago.

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{Ed033's Note - Whether they know it or not, the elected politicians actually work for a company that has shareholders (We know that company as 'United Kingdom'). Those shareholders come first and the people come no where. Through mainstream media brainwashing, they keep the people in a 'comfortable' mindset.

29 jun 2013 11:21:44
i'd just like to verify what franky is saying, that he is right. they operate above and beyond the law. in fact, it occurs to me that the whole system is in place to facilitate the very things it pretends to be against.
p.s. the peasants are revolting, franky. ain't it funny. pea

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The UK is a supposed democratic society yet our Head of State is unelected, sums up the Royal family ~ Mrs E

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{Ed033's Note - You can probably imagine that our translation of the word 'democracy' and the elite's translation of the word 'democracy' is different. How about if their translation is something along the lines of, 'We say, you do'.

Ed033 are you able to elaborate of this shareholder system? I imagine it runs across most of the worlds governments, but would it be safe to say the majority share is held by the centralised banking sector?

Can you see a way that the masses can be educated on who actually owns the governments, or is the media control far too strong?

My problem with a revolt pea is that these people control everything. Following on from Frankys post below, they can shut down civilisation with the flick of a switch and remove technology from the public. This would effect everything from water, gas and power. The problem I see with the masses working out what is really happening, is that when they do, they will be punished accordingly.

Melbourne CFC

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{Ed033's Note - Yes, it's all over the world and it's the real meaning of bringing "democracy" to a country. There is an entertaining video that can explain it very well

Pea with the austerity coming in they really do not want to p--- off the people and let the people know what they are getting, even when the well off start feeling the pinch, watch the worm turn.

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{Ed033's Note - The middle class haven't even opened one eyelid to take a look yet.

29 Jun 2013 13:57:18
I agree with you, but the point I was making was a joke (not my humour, but the humour of 'elites' if you like, who do laugh at us. As ed033 observes, they have different interpretations of words from us) i. e. revolting peasants/unwashed masses, see?

To answer your question; It's more a question of what we SHOULDN'T be doing, rather than what we SHOULD.
What shouldn't we do? Participate.
In order for the system to operate, your participation is required, and likewise if we don't participate, it won't be able to operate.

John Trudell addresses this matter very well in the link here:
John Trudell - I'm Crazy?

Also, I can't recommend enough that people listen to Richard Sauder's message linked in the other post above. pea

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Jesus Christ. I knew we were getting f*cked, but my taxes, paid to the "Government of Australia" which runs the country but has no legal claim to it, end up in Washington DC. Customs, the Police, all "Government" departments have no claim to their positions, and a 'Governor General of Australia' hasn't legally been sworn in since 1927, even though we are told we have one to this day. All laws are pretends laws and in fact unenforcable. Even GST is a bogus tax passed on by a bogus government, to the people of Australia when they have zero legal right to do so.

I'm disgusted and this has just opened my eyes to an entire new level. Thanks heaps for posting the link Ed033!

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{Ed033's Note - Yes it's an eye opener and it's happening wherever you think they have 'democracy'.

I will be forwarding it too everyone on my e-mail address book and asking them to do the same. I wholeheartedly hope anyone else who sees this to watch the video and then do the same. We cannot allow this level of corruption to continue, we have to educate the masses. Even if my previous prediction comes true of 'flicking the switch' surely we would gain far more freedom.

Ed033 can you tell me if you expect anything to be done about this or even if it can be? A petition to denounce the government etc? I honestly am in complete shock

Melbourne CFC

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{Ed033's Note - I don't have an answer. If the middle class weren't so 'comfortable' then they would bring about a change but it seems so difficult to 'wake' people up

Thats one of the problems we face in trying to wake people up, too many people in this country think they are middle class and they're not. If you have to go to work to pay your bills, no matter how much you earn, and if your life would be turned upside down if you lost your job, then you're working class. It doesn't matter how highly you regard yourself, if you need a job, you are, by definition, working class. All of us need to stand together. I believe there are only two classes anyway, the rich and the poor. It doesn't matter whether you're black, white or green. Or whether you think you're a class above 'ordinary' people, I'm sorry, but you're just like me, defkcu by the system you allow to rule over you. And all this 'middle class' nonsense of "Keep Calm and Carry On", has got to stop.



Rant over.

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Edd I think if we want change then things have to get a lot worse for everyone first, we need the austerity to hit the police/ military every connected keeping our society together not just in this country but all our brothers and sisters around the world, stand as one.

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{Ed033's Note - Yes you're right, it's going to have to get a lot worse, but there is brainwashing of people. In families not so long ago, there was one breadwinner and people appeared comfortable Now even if there's 2 breadwinners, people seem to have to scrimp and scrape and still they're 'comfortable'. A big theft has taken place and the general population doesn't know it

29 Jun 2013 02:43:18
With Nelson Mandela being on the news a lot recently, I had a question. Was he a hero or a terrorist?

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Was he either? He was standing against a National Party that was implementing Apartheid laws.

Racial segregation where he was born meaning inferior medical care, education, public services and to the ridiculous of different beaches.

I'm not going to pretend to a staunch Nelson Mandela supporter of that I hero worship him however, you cannot call him a terrorist and say the National Party in South Africa were not. Its actually unbelievable to think laws like Apartheid existed into the 1990's.

If Nelson Mandela is/was a terrorist, what does that make the Governments?

Mrs E

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Fair to say that the Governments are terrorists, only they are not accountable for anything they do, Mrs E

I don't believe Mandala was though. He only instilled terror in white SA, by giving the blacks rights.

Melbourne CFC

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I think we all know that answer Mrs E.

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The apartheid laws in SA got the masses to be behind Mandela release and the western leaders had to put pressure on, I do not know enough about SA to be honest but one I do believe if a freedom fighter or a man who wanted equality like nelson Mandela in 2013 would be jailed.

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