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29 Mar 2013 16:20:57
{Ed033's Note - Monsanto Two Strand RNA To Rule Earth Part 1 of 2

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The signs have been apparent to me since the rise of fresh produce like fruit and veg meats fish etc its getting very expensive to eat fresh, a low income family are going to eat the cheapest food so its a catch 22 situation and that bring me on to another point I would love to know who supplies the monarchy with there food, they all live to a healthy age and I would put money on it they do not touch gmo food with a barge pole.

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28 Mar 2013 22:52:04
Ed, what do you make of the apparent spaceship that was found on the moon in 2007, where they apparently recovered a dead womans body

{Ed033's Note - To me the alleged dead ET woman looks like a plastic dummy to me.

Apollo 20 EBE

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Looks like the bird of the avitor movie.

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Heres a another one with a women in it at 108:00 worth a watch they look kind of the same
red rrab

{Ed033's Note - Yes it's the same alleged ET woman

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How can the term woman be used? E.T's may have only one sex?

{Ed033's Note - ETs may or may not have only one sex. The reason woman may be being used is because the alleged woman ET appears to have breasts, from our human point of view.

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29 Mar 2013 16:24:31
I think i've been on a date with her.

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It's like Jodie Marsh on the sauce again. DH

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29 Mar 2013 01:17:19
norman bettison keeps he's 1 million pension and nothing can be done even thou he tried to influence he's police force about slurs and lies about Hillsborough, he must have got advice of someone high up and to me if this was a normal copper they would have left him out to dry but it was a knighted police chief and he might have took a few people down with him if he was charged, even a quarter of a century later the rats are covering each other and to me this trail has to lead up higher than just the police. this goes up to thatchers cronies and thatcher herself, even so he should be arrested for preventing the course of justice, this **** makes my blood boil.

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The establishment will never turn on their own

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These reach a position where they are privvy to information that makes the invulnerable. It's like the mafia. gj

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