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29 May 2013 10:50:01
One thing that stands out for me about the Woolwich attack is it was instantly labeled a terror attack, not because of the seriousness of the act or even that fact it was a solider involved but because the two men were Muslim. Now how many people have committed murder in the name of 'God' a few cases in America spring to mind, does that not make them terror attacks? Or to Christians not have and extremist, the crusades will tell you different.
Now while I don't believe the government had anything to do with it as some conspiracy theorists do, its very plain to see they are using this story to their advantage, i'm sure some law will be brought in taking yet more rights away from us. The media is helping that powers that be divide us because the sooner everyone wakes up and realizes that no matter your race, religion or hell even your football team we are all people, and we need to start helping each other to make the world a better place, before its ruined.

always a red

I could not agree more mate, good post.

Yeah a lot of time the Government stage "attacks" or whatever, to swing public opinion or to bring in new laws. The American Government are trying to get the guns from the citizens so they're or I beleive they're staging gun attacks in school etc etc. Watch in the next year or so, many more mass murders in schools etc will happen.

I mean, If you had a bunch of slaves you wouldn't want them walking about with pistols when the NWO starts to really kick in.

Geordie Al

Plus this government tried to get in the snoop law (like they can not do it now)will rephrase that they are trying to make it legal that they could hack emails/texts/phone calls for so called terrorist, which is bs you know they are going to check everything that can make them more money.

Theresa May barely waited 24 hours before using the Woolwich murder as a means to raise awareness of the need for the Communications Bill to be passed - which isn't a Tory creation by the way, it's a Labour creation that both sides are determined to see through.

While it's an old story now, if you want to see the future of surveillance and haven't heard of the Utah Data Centre, look it up.


Good shout pablo I never knew about it in the usa to be honest, just watched this on youtube.

Does anyone not find it odd that a man, wearing a beige coat, who has, (according to an 'eyewitness') hacked and chopped at a man and tried to decapitate him, that he has no blood on his coat.


I certainly agree with the second part of your post, the government know how to play the game to suit themselves. A terrorist attack, however, is defined as an act of religious or political motivation With at least one of the murderers being filmed admitting that it was revenge for what Muslims are going through in other nations, then I'd say it fell in to the terrorist category.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but ALL digital Communications are recorded long ago. Eve's dropping on everything eg: phone calls, txt, email. The works. It's so advanced now with massive data centres storing it all. Algorithms search the data and flag anything that's potentialially a hazard. Echelon was the tip of the iceberg.


{Ed033's Note - I hope "Eve" is going to be responsible with the data

The reason why it was called a terrorist attack my good friends is because the man shouted political statements at a video camera, terrorism is the use of violence in the pursuit of political aims. so by definition, it is a terrorist act due to what he said.

Do you remember Anders Breivik? He killed 70 odd people to send a message to the governments of Europe about immigration and muslims in particular. Is he then not a terrorist? No, because he is a white nordic man and no white nordic man can be labelled a terrorist. Instead he is labelled as 'insane'. Do you not see how the media is making us always label muslims as 'terrorists' and Islam as 'evil'? By putting those two words in the same sentence they are fooling our subconscious into thinking that way. It's like telling someone not to think about pink elephants, what do you think they'll think of? Just look at the number of people who were on the news condemning the attack and saying it's not a part of Islam. Well of course it's not, if it were the Ottomans would have laid waste to western Europe and the Mughals of India would have removed any trace of Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism in the Indian Subcontinent. Obviously that is not the case for those of us who know how to read books and are aware of world history, but the new generation of youths, they are not aware, and already you can see their minds becoming corrupted with bad and negative stereotypes of Muslims who are out for every infidels and their dogs blood. If there is another child abuse case committed by priests, will we see tv News interview the Pope and how he condemns the acts of a minority and that they in no way represent Christianity? No because us learned folk already know this, and the youth who do not, need not be told, because it is Islam and not Christianity which is to be demonised. For now anyway, until the world turns on another religion (perhaps Hinduism?). Christianity and Judaism have had their share of demonification in the past.

Uriah {Ed001's Note - well said.}