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29 Nov 2011 11:55:09
That was the terms of the united nations deal ed so blame them. Similar deals have been done in other places. {Ed001's Note - doesn't mean it is fair or right though. You can't blame Palestinians for not wanting to be abused and mistreated and forced into losing their homes and livelihoods.}

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{Ed033's Note - The Balfour Declaration of 1917 allegedly started the ball rolling for the creation of Israel. But at the time there was already a place in Russia the size of Switzerland called Birobidjan that was set up to be the Jewish homeland.}

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{Ed033's Note - One of the questions is did Britain have the right to take a part of the middle east that was allegedly "occupied" by "Arab" peoples and give it to someone else to create Israel even when there was another place that was assigned for Jewish people to go called Birobidjan?

The answer maybe whether the alleged covenant with "god" is real

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Ed33 how safe would this Birobidjan place have been given that at the time Russia was the most anti-Semitic country in Europe and had already carried out several Pogroms?

The Covenant thing, well depends on how religious you are, but certainly many Jews do believe it and it founds most of their claim. How do you disprove something like that in legal terms?

As for the British role, well you have to look at the influence of certain prominent Jewish banker families especially given as by 1917 the war was having a massive effect on the treasury as not only were we paying for own war effort we were also susbidising a large chunk of the Fench, Italian and Russian war efforts and aslo had lost a lot of rpe war trade due to the fact we were fighting one of our largest trading partners.

So i think there was a certain amount of horse trading with a certain group of bankers and that was their price.

{Ed033's Note - I don't know. I was adding to the conversation. Obviously it's too late now and obviously the ruling class did what they did for their own reasons.}

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Ok cheers Ed

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29 Nov 2011 11:46:11
Ed the united nations split the place in half they just had to move into the arab areas but their fellow arabs didn't want them. Not saying they should just lie down just that they brought a lot of it on themselves. Is blowing up cafe's justified? Think of it from the jewish perspective six million of the people went up in smoke they go to their ancestors home land and the first thing the neighbours say is we're going to finish the job. I'm not saying i agree with everything they've done but both sides are as bad as each other and only one side gets demonised {Ed001's Note - you are missing the point, the Israelis were also utilising terrorism to force people to move out of their homes. If someone said to you to get out of your home, would you just accept it?}

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{Ed033's note - One of the problems is the alleged covenant with "god". A covenant is a contract that can't be broken.}

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29 Nov 2011 11:28:03
Well the palestinians started it. They were the ones who wouldn't accept the 1947 deal and went running to their neighbours and all got their butts kicked. {Ed001's Note - the Israelies took their land by force and kicked them out of their homes, did you really think they should accept that willingly?}

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Good reply ed, some people dont have a clue

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The mainstream media say stuff and people just believe it without questioning it such as that the Palestinians started it

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Or maybe people should research things themselves:

"In 1947, the British government announced it would withdraw from the Mandate of Palestine, stating it was unable to arrive at a solution acceptable to both Arabs and Jews. The newly created United Nations approved the Partition Plan for Palestine (United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181) on 29 November 1947, which sought to divide the country into two states”one Arab and one Jewish. Jerusalem was designated to be an international city”a corpus separatum”administered by the UN.

The Jewish community accepted the plan, but the Arab League and Arab Higher Committee of Palestine rejected it. On 1 December 1947, the Arab Higher Committee proclaimed a three-day strike, and Arab bands began attacking Jewish targets. The Jews were initially on the defensive as civil war broke out, but gradually moved onto the offensive."

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The above quote is from wikipedia lol

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Yeah it was from wikipedia, its also historical fact. Or are you the original smartarse that came out with the mainstream media comment and didn't like it when i proved you wrong. {Ed001's Note - hardly historical fact, it is one side's view of the moment, not necessarily a fair one. It makes no mention of the original Arab reasoning for the rejection, so provides no balance. The UK was not originally owned by the Brits, it would be a similar thing to thousands of ancient Britons moving in and then telling the local populace to get out of their country. How many would accept that? It is a difficult situation, there is good reason to sympathise with both sides, it is a shame they have never learnt to live together peacefully.}

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ED i'm not getting bogged down into the rights or wrongs of the situation, or why it was rejected. Personally i do agree that they were right to reject it, and i do agree that overall the Israeli's have done a lot wrong probably more than the other side, although i can't agree with walking into a cafe and blowing it up. I was just showing that it is a historical fact that the side that started the fighting was the arab's, they fired the first shot's in the 1947 war. Not mainstream media fact fiddling like matey suggested. Both sides have equal claims to the land, the we tried to sort it out, failed, handed it over to the UN to do the job it was created for and they failed. They all need their heads banging together really.

I'm not sure i follow your ancient Britons argument. By ancient Britons i assume you mean the various Celtic tribes who emigrated over. But i was under the impression that they were the first settlers, or is there something else that they are not telling us? {Ed001's Note - no, Celts were later invaders of the land, mostly coming over from Frankish lands after being pushed out by the Romans sweep through Western Europe. The Britons were a separate group. Obviously back then there were much smaller populations, so less friction when sharing the land, there was plenty to go around. It is much more difficult now, our belief systems have changed, thousands of years of hatred are ingrained etc. Tolerance for others seems to have been bred out by years of media propaganda feeding us hatred for anything that isn't the same as us.}

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Ah i get what you meant now.

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28 Nov 2011 23:49:11
ed why is everyone obsessed with Israel? All muslims want to kill them plus germans hated them?

Azza {Ed001's Note - for one they took their lands with violence and thuggery. For two they keep them with those same methods. I am sure there are other reasons, but I think they are enough to go on with.}

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As regards the 'germans hating them'..this was of course because Hitler needed a group to blame for germany's ills and so he picked on jews..Convinces the people the jews are responsible for their woes (when in fact it was the settlement forced on them after the first world war) and he has his bandwagon. As
regards muslims- don't they hate anyone who isn't a muslim? certainly seems that way

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Look at the way israel treat palestines and then you will know why there hated

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I read somewhere that isreal control America???


{Ed033's Note - It's possibly more like the City of London, Crown Corporation control Israel and USA.}

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Muslims are lovely people you can't blame all muslims for what a few do if thats the case every one in the west should get the blame for what Hitler did or what the Americans have been doing since

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Sorry to bring this up again but Azza have you watched The Arrivals? The significance of Israel is that it is where Zion is to be ruled from.

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