Conspiracy Talk Archive November 29 2012


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29 Nov 2012 17:48:50
i know a couple of the editors think that life was once on mars but what about venus? Wasn't that once earth like?

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Apparently Venus could have been a habitable planet with liquid water for 2billion years (half of its life time) due to the sun being 40% less luminous than today, therefor was most likely the 1st of the inner rocky planets to develop warm oceans and a mild climate. Surely some sort of intelligent life must have evolved there in that vast amount of time, maybe even the 1st civilisations of our solar system. Perhaps if they were advanced / intelligent enough they may have ventured out to one of their neighbouring planets like humans aspire to achieve in the not too distant future.


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Maybe they colonised the other planets?

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As long as they dont look like ronald mcdonald :S
huddz red

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29 Nov 2012 09:51:45
dominoes owns pizza hut

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Pizza Hut own KFC and Taco Bell

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A company called yum own pizza hut kfc and taco bell before yum pepsico owned them

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They are franchises, YUM is the company that owns the UK franchise, just like Coca Cola Enterprises which is the EMEA franchise of Coca Cola.


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And guess where the chain leads too... The Murdoch empire and the central banking system...

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