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29 Oct 2011 19:54:04
Hi everyone, now that the war in Libya is over, who do u think is next, my money is on Siria or do u think they will go for Iran.

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They'll try and do Syria from the inside and further try to surround Iran.

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{Ed033's Note - If syria and Iran are backed by Russia, then NATO or whoever goes into Syria or Iran may have to do a deal with Russia first.}

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29 Oct 2011 16:02:19
Dear Editors would it be possible to have polls on this site , for all the major
conspiracies and/or some of the more controversial subjects?
JR {Ed001's Note - good idea, I will have a word with 033 about setting up a page for polls and discussion of the subject being polled too.}

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That is a good idea!

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What are the major conspiracies and/or some of the more controversial subjects?

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Err... well 911 seems a bit pointless , as the very nature of this site would suggest a 90
something % agreeing that it was a inside job.
Maybe something more specific like did MOSSAD teams do the dirty work at the WTC ?
The same would go for UFOs , rather than ask
how many people believe they are ETs ask if
you think they have made contact with governments (i don't ).
These are just examples off the top of my head,
i'm sure you lot will come up with more elaborate questions .
JR {Ed033's Note - It is difficult to know what to do. A search box will be added at some point.}

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29 Oct 2011 15:13:19
is it me or in the simpsons does mayor quimby sound like JFK?

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I do believe that Quimby was partly based on JFK. Both liked female company, both have similar voice, both are/ were slightly shady especially in their dealings with italian-American businessmen.

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Both also really liked Chow-dah its pronounced Chow-dah

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29 Oct 2011 10:18:29
can anyone explain the lost tribes of israel to me

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The nation became divided into two kingdoms ,the northernten tribe kingdom of the house of isreal , and the southern two tribe kingdom of judah around 926 b.c. , then 4 invasions between 762 aqnd 676 b.c. took place , the assyrians conquered and deported the ten tribes and most of the cities of the southern kingdom , jerusalem itself was spared. these captive israelites were transported hundreds of miles away northwest to the land of media on the shores of the caspian sea , in northern mesopotamia, they never returned lost to history.the sole surviving identifiable tribe was judah , which was conquered in 587 b.c. by nebuchadnezzar, the capitives became know as jews - a word developed from judeans , they were in babylonian captivity for 70 years before returning to palestine , but as i said the 10 tribes never returned from the earlier captivity a couple of 100 years earlier.its reconed 6 million of the ten tribe went missing. the assyrian name for israelite , khumri tranlates to house of om
scholars confirm that the people known to the persians as saka- to the babylonians as gimirri and to the assyrians as khumri , were but different names for the lost 10 tribes of isreal, saka or sacae meant hose of isaac. these tribes travelled northward and you can trace their migrations through the caucasus. so to cut a long story short these sacae or sakai are really the saxons , also they went into italy , spain , ireland , britain and other counties in europe . the orgin of the word caucasus can traced from these people streaming in to europe through the caucasus mountain region ,so in away these people lost their orgins a bit in relgion but if you look into the bible it all makes perect sence , as what every one thinks of as isreal is not that little trouble spot in the middle east . as all the promises , if you belive the bible thing tell you all this would happen , ie- isreal having a new home , being weathy - land - lands ie - usa britain various european nations seem to fit all this , and is worth looking into ..............lfc

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Thank you lfc. certainly worth some further research.

couple of questions.

The Assyrian name Khumri sounds very similar to Cymru so maybe a Celtic/ Welsh connection?

If the tribes disappeared between 762 bc - 676 bc and popped up in Britain in around 500 ad then that was a long migration. Surely they would have retained some sort of identity.

Thanks though.

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Just to add futher , look into the name cimmerians , also the cimmerians - tribes migrated through the black sea and into northern europe ,. the word sacae or sakae is ultimately derived from isaac , ancestor of the israelites, this is the true orgin of the names of scotland, saxon ,scandinavia, indeed the scts preserve the story of their scythian orgins in the famous document in scottish history -the declaration of arbroath.and indeed there are links with cymri celts - wales in their language with hebrew .............lfc

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You should check out just how much of these topics came from the Sumerian tablets and relation to the Anunnaki. Very strange indeed.



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Jay , its just there are more records of this period , that match up with other empires , nations records etc and whats also interesting is the egyptian times too , as most people dont know it was a vast region ruled by various kingdoms and a lot of the dating of the rulers is way off , but if your really interested in the anunnaki etc , check out - the gods of eden- by william bramley , on truth fequency radio or red ice radio , very very good stuff...........lfc

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Cheers lfc

I'll check that out mate.
I've looked at the whole Sumerian and Anunnaki thing for quite some time now, and when I started finding that Babylon is heavily connected to the Anunnaki, then I started to think that there definitely could be a lot more to the Anunnaki than one would think. What made it all a bit more interesting was Marduk and his Babylon connections, especially as he was the son of Enke, who as you're probably aware, is said to be one of the main pieces to the puzzle of our existence.
Even so, could be a load of myths, even if it is just mythical legends, it certainly does entertain the mind to think about these great storys and marvel at how intelligent the Sumerians were.



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I know Sumer, Assyria, Babylon are all interconnected all being in the same area and succedding each other.

All myths have their basis in reality afterall. {Ed033's Note - Allegedly, Zecharia Sitchin channeled a lot of the information he got about the Annanaki from the entity / group of entities he was calling Enki. This book of Sitchin's is apparently entirely channeled - Lost Book of Enki: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God -

Another extremely interesting part of the Annanaki story is Michael Tellinger talking about the Adam's Calandar and the stone circles of South Africa to Project Camelot -

In this video you also see pyramids in South Africa. We seem to have pyramids all over the Earth in china and even Bosnia -

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Bosnia, didn't know that! {Ed033's Note - If you watch the beginning of the above youtube video you see pyramids in other places you didn't know of on Earth. Obviously we have seen pyramids on mars but they are probably on the moon as well and even other planets / moons in the solar system.}

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True, Enke is one of the sons of Anu, the highest god of the Anunnaki, and he is half brother to Enlil, another Anunnaki god.
Enke was a scientist, and he and his sister, can't remember which one, could be Ishtar, were the ones who apparently tweaked our DNA. This is said to be the true story of creation, but who knows.

Sitchens book The Twelfth Planet explains a lot of this, great read and let's you see just how much modern religion has ripped off the Anunnaki story.


Jay {Ed033's Note - I don't know about this but allegedly, the royalty around the world think they're special and have the right to rule over us because they think that an extraterrestrial race came here and crossed the extraterrestrial race dna with whatever the most advanced hominid was on Earth at the time to create us. Then this half breed (us) was then dna crossed with the ET again to create the royalty ruling class and that is why the royalty in-breed to keep this ET dna higher than us.}

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That's spot on ed.

The illuminati also believe that they are the True bloodlines to the Anunnaki, hence they way they run their agenda.
Remember, everyone who's into this stuff knows of these Demi-Gods, who were left to run things in the absence of the true gods. Once the true gods returned, the Demi gods would have little, if any, say-so on how things would be done.
When you realise this, and look at the illuminati, do the illuminati believe that they are like these Demi gods? It sure does seem so, as most people know, the illuminati do believe in the Anunnaki.

It's also worth noting that Enke (possibly the only god with compassion for us) set up the first ever secret society, to share the knowledge of the gods to man, so we could prosper. He did this against the wishes of the rest of the Anunnaki, no one more against it than Enlil. This secret society was called THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE (which some say was the start of the illuminati, but who knows). Once the Anunnaki elders herd of this, apparently they infiltrated it to cause dispersion and confusion with misleading and often untrue knowledge.
Wether any of it's true is Anyones guess, but I for one think there's at least a slight possibility that the whole Anunnaki theory could be true, as of all the theory's of creation I've looked at, pondered about etc... The theory that makes most sense to me is the Anunnaki theory.
Now this is only my personal opinion, and I'm fully aware that it's also just as likely to be myths and legend and nothing more than a fantastic story. But like I've said on here before, it's only because I've been looking in to this for quite some time and read and studied loads of the info that's available to everyone.
So I understand that some of the good people on here may disagree with my opinions, and why shouldn't they. Just hope I don't get the Chris in Tamworth type replys.


Jay {Ed033's Note - The ruling class allegedly are scared of the possibility that within their lifetime something or even this ET group could be coming back here and seeing that they have messed this planet up will remove the ruling class somehow.}

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29 Oct 2011 06:35:19
I keep picking up hints here and there that we may soon be inline for a reinstatement of the death penalty. Anybody else noticed this?


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There do seem to be alot more calls for it to come back compared to 10-15-20 years or so ago.

But then i am in favour of the restoration of the detah penalty for murderer's and child molesters. {Ed001's Note - there are two problems I see with it. 1. what happens if you penalise an innocent person? You can't bring them back or let them go with an apology. 2. What makes you any better than a murderer if you have someone executed in cold blood? And make no mistake about it, that is exactly what you are doing when you have the death penalty.
It is a tough one. But considering there is no proof that the death penalty actually stops people from committing crimes, I don't see the point in it. I would prefer to see criminals suffering for the rest of a long and painful life, execution seems a quick and easy way out.}

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I do see what you are saying ed, but look at the advances in forensic science just in the last 10 years never mind from the 60's.

I think if you take someone's life then you should expect to lose your own.

Is it really in cold blood? From the point of view of the victims families i wouldn't say it was cold blooded.

Its all very well saying they should suffer in prison but the reality is that they don't. To your career criminal its just an occupational hazard, a minor difficulty that they can survive till they get back out and just carry on on the rob. I'd rip out all the nice multi fitted gyms, tv's, etc etc. Have them all on bread and water 3 times a day and 23 hours locked up. We've tried to understand the criminal mind and rehabilitate them and its failed.

And i do still think that if you've got someone bang to rights 100% on murder then thats it. {Ed001's Note - it is still revenge not justice though. I do agree though, jails are far too comfy and cosy, they should be there to suffer.}

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An eye for an eye.

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Two points;
If there is a death penalty in place and somebody unintentionally kills someone, say during a burglary, there is a far greater likelihood that they will then kill again in their bid to avoid being caught!
Secondly, in US States that have the death penalty, the rate at which associated crimes are committed is no less than in neighbouring States that do not. There is no evidence therefore of any deterrent effect!

Reginald {Ed033's Note - The whole point of them being soft on criminals is for people to say that the government should be harder on criminals. When enough people are telling the government to be harder on criminals, the people in the "City Of London" can tell the government to start "zero tolerance" which will mean unless you do and think exactly what you are told by the European Union or the government, you are criminal. And if people complain, you will be told that you asked to be harder on criminals.

At the moment, if you don't pay certain debts, it is considered criminal and if you can't pay, you go to prison. And don't forget that this economic debt crisis is being deliberately created so the ruling class own everything and the people will be in so much debt to the ruling class that the people will have to do exactly what they are told, which is what the "New World Order" is allegedly all about.}

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Couldn't agree with the ed more, it's similar to what the Americans did using 9/11 to pass a lot of 'anti-terrorism' laws that simply breach human rights. The problem is though to many people don't see what the effects will be if they get what they ask for.
Mind speaking of human right, i have noticed the politicians are growing increasingly worried about the protester, the snide remarks and belittling of those people taking a stand for what is essentially right shows how this country is in no way shape or form a democracy. What comes next though is the send people in undercover acting as protesters to whip up a frenzy turning a peaceful demonstration in to a riot, which then allows the police to use the force they signed up for.

always a red

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It costs around 44000 a year of taxpayers money to keep a murderers and child abusers in prison, a lethal injection costs around 100....please do the maths, you could kill 440 people for this thus freeing prison space up for Rioters and petty criminals whose sentences should be fitting of their crime {Ed001's Note - personally I would suggest making prisoners earn their keep, so they get hard labour and it costs us less.}

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The reason you've heard more calls for the death penalty is simple. we have a tory government .

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