Conspiracy Talk Archive October 29 2013


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29 Oct 2013 19:51:57
What does everybody think of the Russell Brand interview, do you think people will start waking up and being a revolution against this tired and out dated system.

Freedom Fighter

29 Oct 2013 22:41:25
But maybe this tired and outdated system is ready for replacement by The Authority, for whom it has served perfectly as a means to carry us onto the next step? Is 'revolution' really 'r-evolution'?
An interesting fact about making steps is they have to be made in equal increments otherwise people will trip up, so I think it will take something mind-blowing, something that will make people literally s**t their pants, peace be with them. pea

Totally agree with edd it has to get a hell of a lot worse, lower classes have always been targeted and with the propaganda tv shows about people claiming of the state works a treat for them, now your so called middle class are taking a hit as well but for the people to truly stand our ground it has to be at least 60% of the people to say "enough is enough" I keep banging on about south america but the people had enough of getting screwed and now they are in a hell of a lot better position than us, when our economy crashes and it will then you will see a revolt.

30 Oct 2013 12:51:22
Brands a fine one to call for a revolution sitting in his new two million dollar home in the Hollywood hills. Hypocrite. Ed what's that about upgrading properties?

I'm confused what dies ones wealth have to do with opinion? I enjoy the thoughts of matt Damon as well on such subjects, very open minded to close your ears to somebody based on their financial position

Last poster
I guess it's a defense mechanism to the way "authority" is used to inhibit logical thinking.
People tend to mistrust somebody, who after having a piece of the pie tries to convince you not to have one.