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02 Apr 2012 15:17:31
some interview on youtube with ex-gangsta dave courtney got me thinking, he reckons (and i do) since the cain was banned and other corporal punishment was abolished it has led to a rise of anti social crime, which in turn has lead to government taking and taxing our civil liberties, i think he has a point, now u cant discipline your own child with a chance of getting charged for it, if your my age group you would have prob got the cain or slipper for messing around in school, then if your mum or dad found out you would get a crack of them as well, what courtney is saying is there is no one putting there child in line which in turn brings out a kid with no respect who might knife another kid which will bring a uproar for the government to change the law, its crazy, we have gone pc mad, its like the powers that be want a anti social country.
frankystilldoingmore friggingardenscouse

Could not agree more!

Well how come every young person is not involved in anti social behavior are you saying that any young person who stays out of trouble does so because the are smacked? no your not are you smacking or hitting our children or young people is a lazy way to teach them right from wrong there are parents out there who can communicate with their children positively to help them understand right from wrong {Ed007's Note - Is Dave Courtney really the type of person you should be taking parental advice from?}

Courtney has a point no matter what he has done in hes past,how do you explain the steady rise in youth crime since the cain was banned?and the odd clip around the ear never done me any harm.

Are you having a laugh!
If you did`nt get a beaten from your parents
you turned into a sociopath.
The reasons our prisons are full is because of complicated social issues, most notably, poverty and hopelessness,
these are exacerbated by a legal
profession that flourishes on criminality! {Ed001's Note - kids need discipline, but more of an issue is that most of these kids have parents that just don't care, rather than whether they got the cane or not.}

Dont twist my words to the poster above(name please)i dont mean every kid needs a slap,dont give me the rubbish about kids turning to crime because of poverty and hoplesness,i was growing up in the 70s thatcherism if you thought it was bad now then double it,you still had crime and violence but you still had respect for your elders then,as for the parents edd you get good and bad i agree.

Alright Frank, Im john first reply to ur post, one of my biggest gripes with slapping ur children whether mine or ur s for example is that like everything it can be open to abuse my perspective is that children are vulnerable and when you have adults/parents with little control or cop on( not saying this is you) they will hit there children for any reason that they feel is ok so it better we dont allow anyone never mind these morons to hit their children just to say I work with young people in disadvantaged areas and we use a tool called critical social education as away to examine young people lives to find out the issues affecting them and there behavior and as parents are the first port of social interaction with a young person these relationships are fundamental in how a child progresses in life a lot of the young people we work with who are violent have had violent upbringings

Hi john, listen u prob know a hell of a lot more than me since you work within this area, but the cases you have seen the abuse in the adults that are violent to there kids would be violent regardless,i am not talking about the extreme, the extreme will always prey on the vunerable,
frankyscouse {Ed003's Note - The problem is because you have high profile neglect cases every parent is treated like a 'possible abuser'. As a father of four, I find the threat of a smack is enough but I suppose that will be against the law soon,John makes a good point that children are vulnerable, but they are more vulnerable without a disciplined upbringing as far as I'm concerned, The problem in most cases is that the parents are still actually kids themselves}

Frank i take on board ur points but if we dont break that cycle of violence its go on another generation ed makes a point of the parents not being grown up and in away i agree they are in a lot of case ignorant to what they are doing but so is society as it is up to us bring about change ignorance covers a multitude of sins I have to admit I have in the past smacked my children but one day font no why i thought about why I was smacking them and I felt it was a gut reaction to something so I stopped and I dont smack them anymore but they still have a fear of punishment some people will argue children shouldn't have fear but fear has kept out of a lot of trouble, but I think ye man in the video is full of,we set the bar for our children , the criminals of his day set the bar for the criminals of today and they will always try to do one better (or worse) so I would say he is actually a hypocrite there is and never will be a thing such as ordinary decent criminals

Listen i am not disagreeing with you about violence against children at all, bad parents are bad,my argument is decent parents getting prosecuted when there children rebel and they dont see reason,its a bit like the alcohol tax now, because certin kids/adults are anti social when they are drunk the rest of us get penalised as well,as for courtney comments i ment in generel.

Maybe we are all violent by design?

I understand what Franky is saying. I was brought up by very strict parent. Got plenty of ass whoopings and I'd like to think I turned out as a decent member of society and all round nice guy(so I'm told!) Never got into trouble, showed respect we're due etc. Doesn't mean to say my ma givin me the belt was right. I remember them banning the cane in school and I can recall those that were regular recipients got worse because they knew they were not going to be caned. So. Can see the argument that the threat of the punishment did act as a deterrent.
I think the main problems with our society is that because we are so closely associated with America, we mirror them in lifestyle. Whereas we used to be 10 yrs behind them in terms of crimes and types of crime committed, now we're neck and neck. I also think that going to prison should mean something. Taking away someone's liberty is to enough. If you commit the crime then you should do the time in a small room big enough to fit a single bed and a bog. You eat in your room. You don't interact with other prisoners. Get em fixing our 5hit roads, get em sowing mailbags. No video games, tv, music, gyms.
They're there to be punished not rewarded.
But then we get too many liberals going on about human rights and rehabilitation.
Franky mate pass a spade I'll start digging with you!

Im a bit younger than you guys so i never got the caine i think this problem is mostly parent related if you dont teach your seed the morals of life then they will grow up with no morals i know this could be done without raising the hand, theres more youths starting trouble becuse there is nothing to do around where they live i was one of these people but ive never hurt anyone who didnt deserve it i think the future is with our young so they need to be taught right from wrong and some parents are to lazy to do so
Jedimindtricks {Ed001's Note - nothing to do? Utter rubbish, they are just too lazy to make up games like kids used to. Mind it doesn't help that people have too many cars and there is no space for kids to kick a ball around. But they should set their mind to making up things to do, they all have PS3s, Xboxs etc, yet they still moan about having nothing to do!}

Im a youth worker working just outside Glasgow, ive seen many (latch door) kids that after arriving home from school are met with parents either out working (this is actually a bit better tho not much), Drunk, out their heads on smack or just not there. this is an everyday occurrence so the kids leave the house and hang about with there pals who are in the same position. this leads to them becoming known to the police who end up chasing them, and as soon as they go through through the courts they have a (Badge) to brag to there mates. Its not the belt or cain young people need, its direction and education, trouble is years ago the community would automatically do this but these days everyone looks after themselves and some people even delight in seeing so called bad apples getting lifted by the police.........we all need to play our part in bringing up kids.

Sorry for the rant, first time poster, great site:)

Finished the frigging garden,it must look decent the wife has not said what i could have done for a change,right i had very good and loving parents and like nonethewiser said it done him no harm as well,but i stress but , i dont want to hear about rising crime about being poor or bordom like mentioned b4 30 years ago it was a lot worse in both cases, i can remember growing up in liverpool 7 in the 1970s in the winter, rooms freezing and i mean freezing with coats over our bed loads of coates to keep us warm,so we are all well better of now, to me most kids today are spoilt and i do the same myself to my kids, by the time they are 15 they have everything, ffs i sound like my dad,

Its as simple as this..... why are most people of the older generation polite, friendly, punctual and courtious ? Simple, growing up they had RESPECT. They were scared of the police, teachers and parents and knew if they stepped out of line they would get a short sharp physical punishment. Ask anyone over say 60, they all had the cane and all still remember it, but it made them behave and then they grew up with respect in general.