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02 Apr 2013 16:03:10
Has anyone read or ever heard about a book called MISSING 411 about the disappearance of people from usa national parks. Bigfoot plays a big part in some of the mysteries!!

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02 Apr 2013 03:48:35
Just wondering, has anyone seen the documentary called "mermaid: the body found". Whether its true or not I don't know however it is incredibly interesting.

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It's a hoax, I fell for it the first time I saw it.

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Yea seen this last night, found it very interesting. It had a few holes in the theory though.


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A hoax saw it some time ago could have been convincing if it wasn't for the bad actors playing the scientists
still a no bad watch thou

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02 Apr 2013 00:13:04
{Ed033's Note - Split Estate documentary. Coming to a town near you

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So if I found oil or gold in my garden its not mine?

{Ed033's Note - Apparently a company will presume that; and that's the little secret they have that virtually no one has found out yet that companies presume and instead of us saying, 'prove it', we comply and say, 'Oh Ok'.

What we think of a government is actually just a company acting as a de facto government

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Would love to be a discovery of oil around westminster and buckingham palace and see what would the reaction would be then.

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