Conspiracy Talk Archive August 02 2013


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02 Aug 2013 15:43:59
what you all think about the boston bombings, it looks like a false flag attack to me. SUPERJOHN71

Think about this SUPERJOHN,
'My legs have just been blown off, but there is no blood. Should I be concerned?'

Also John, if you're new to all the conspiracy stuff the best advice I can give you is :-

Listen to everyone.
Believe no-one.
Do your own research.
Make your own mind up.

Maybe a good time for a search function, Ed, like on some of the other pages?


Dont think it was real! That's for sure! My only concern is why the government did such a sloppy job in covering it up! I've watched thousands of videos on this and I get the same feelings I had watching the towers disintergrate right before your eyes!


Ed, what are your thoughts on the matter? Like RR! I'm fairly sure it wasn't 'real' but I can't think of why they would do it?