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02 Dec 2011 23:35:48
Anybody else watch Russia today news channel (freeview 85) as an alternative news source? Like watching another world! The links below regarding no planes 911 wtf thought i was pretty clued up about 911. Whole new perspective.

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Yes i watch RT a lot , the Keiser report and the Alyona show are both quite witty and informative ,
they high-light some really important stories that never get a mention on BBC , ITV or SKY .
Anyone who is intrested in global conspiracies should give it a go.


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BBC , ITV or SKY news is pure propaganda meant to keep your mind occupied with nonsense

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Max Keiser report is brilliant, only because it tells the truth, bbc, sky and itv, sorry but they are complete ****

{Ed033's Note - Yes good stuff is put out by Max Keiser.}

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I watch rt and press tv quite a bit. Gotta remember though that they each have their own agenda and are hardly 100% trustworthy.

There have been a couple of attempts to get press tv taken off the air on the grounds that its a propaganda excercise on behalf of the Iranian Gov't.

By that rationale, you'd have to do away with Sky, BBC, FOX, Al Jazeera and pretty much all of the others besides current tv (quality channel on sky) and contoversial tv.


{Ed033's Note - Good point Len.}

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02 Dec 2011 20:06:14
just want to say, if ur into conspiracies look up David Icke. many of ye may have heard of him but if not go on youtube, he has some great stuff which i believe to be true!! 911 was a inside job!

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911 is tip of the ice berg mate...

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More people need to realise that David Icke is not a nutcase and listen to what he says

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Aye reptile like humanoids run the earth n the queen is a reptile. Aye very good, David icke is a genius, no wait hes a nut job!!

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Doesn't he belong to some secret society? saw a video once where he used the same handshake witch Obama and Chaney use, and pictures with him using masonic signs/gestures and then using arthritis as a cover up.

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{Ed033's Note - Someone faked a masonic photo of David Icke by "photoshopping" David's head on someone else's body. David has said he isn't and never has been a freemason or a member of a secret society and I can't see him ever being one.

The reason why David Icke can't shake hands properly is because he has osteoarthritis badly in one hand and slight osteoarthritis in the other. If you look at david's hands when he speaks, you can clearly see one hand is badly affected.}

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Can you post a link to where David Icke says "reptile like humanoids run the earth n the queen is a reptile"? Have you ever read any of David Icke's books? Or listened to him speak ever or are you just repeating what you have heard somewhere?

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I would be more concerned about his links to the theosophical society.


ps, having said that, he's still doing a lot of valuable work and is a great jumping off point for anyone who's new to this whole area. If you don't like the lizard stuff, there's plenty of more grounded research amongst his stuff, the reptile thing is about 5% of it. If that.

{Ed033's Note - David Icke doesn't seem to speak about the "reptilians" now as he knows people aren't interested in it but are interested in everything else he talks about.}

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02 Dec 2011 16:39:58
started building undeground bunker at white house this wk does any1 think its related to the denver airport conspiracy ?

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Or maybe worried about rogue missiles from Iran/ N Korea, or worsening relations with the Russians. Could be any number of reasons.

Maybe its a new secret meeting place for goat sacrifices and the like.

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That said you intrigued me. I'd never seen the murals before, they are pretty trippy.

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It just shows how far along there plan of dumbing us down is by the fact these murals exist in such a place and the general public are not asking serious questions about it?! Damn i friggin hate the world we live in and the majority of the idiots in it ( the second part is hopefully the beer talking ;)


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Building more underground bunkers could mean that they want to start world war 3 within the next decade

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World war 3 has already started !!

{Ed033's Note - Yes, but hopefully the escalation to nuclear strikes between Russia and USA won't happen.}

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World war 3 was the Cold War, just because it never properly kicked off there were still plenty of body bags filled in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan. Now i think we're entering into Cold War 2.

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