Conspiracy Talk Archive February 02 2012


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02 Feb 2012 12:00:39
where and when did Cancer, Aids and HIV all start?


Africa i think it started in the 70's the cia created it in a lab as a population control weapon it takes out the minoritys could be the sickest thing ive ever heard this wont be the best info i only know loosly about it but there is a cure but the treatment cost is what keeps the goverments money stable they will not realese the cure while it raking in to much money to lose the cia also engineered the crack so it is very plausible

^ i was on about hiv and aids there didnt see the cancer bit anyone got any more info on all this?

Andy jmt

{Ed033's Note - The Strecker Memorandum - aids is man made - the truth about aids according to Dr. Robert Strecker -

Regardin Aid's & HIV. There is a theory that they are diseases originally found in monkey's which are caught and eaten (raw i think) by africans in certain area's. It's then thought because of this it's originated in africa or where ever else may eat monkey's that it's then spread. I do think that it could still be man-made though and can be passed between animals (or just monkey's) and humans. Knowing what may happen it would'nt take much for a scientist or whoever to travel to africa and inject a few monkey's would it?


Maybe it started out in monkey's, got took to a lab, souped up a bit and then released out.

Or maybe it was injected into a monkey, that monkey got out of the lab and here we are.