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02 Feb 2013 18:34:48
Hi all/eds
I have recently found this site coming from the Liverpool rumors. But have spent a lot of time, reading up on the many of issues, discussed here and on other sites.
I was just wondering if anyone can recommend any other/best places to find further information. I always have a open mind when it comes to different soruces. Even with mainstream media try to read as many news outlets as I can before making my mind up. But as we are all aware most MSM is controlled and has a agenda.
Along with this site I often find myself looking at ATS (AboveTopSerct) but can anybody recommend any other good sources for news ect?

Thanks guys


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Or project camelot there is a load of interviews on youtube.


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Coast 2 coast radio, veritas radio, red ice tv. YouTube them mate. Lots of good info. Any Richard Hoagland, Timothy good, john Lear stuff is a good listen. look up Dan burrish aswell very interesting.

Matty b

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Try Richard Sauder, and Graham Hancock.
Alan Watt at cutting through the matrix is a down-to-earth look at the system of control (up to a point), worth a listen at least. Especially if you are getting sucked into New Age stuff which is easy done.
Mysterious Universe is a fun and often thought-provoking podcast.
Good luck. pea

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02 Feb 2013 15:15:00
a story off the david icke website mentions A group of FBI agents arrived in Iceland in August 2011, requesting collaboration with Icelandic police authorities to investigate Wiki leaks, as revealed by Wiki leaks spokesperson, but When the Minister of the Interior of Iceland found out that FBI had arrived in a private jet at the airport to investigate without any prior warning from the USA government he kicked them out, the gist of it Iceland were pissed off with the yanks thinking they could just swan in and use there investigators without any warning. it sort of blows that had a go at me for believing Julian assange.


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About time to, we should take a leaf out of icelands book. They did the same with the debt also, just didn't pay it back. I mean at the end of the day how can we pay the debt back. Take America the owe more than, they economy is worth. But hey we can just go print some more made up money, make everything better.


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Like you said afc good on Iceland, my point is this makes assange claims more plausible.


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Good on Iceland, yes but the debt they owe is to us, and is partly why council tax is going up, and services being cut because many councils, rather stupidly invested all their money with Iceland. So no not good on Iceland.

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Same as you Franky, I believe that a lot of the topics from the wiki leaks are correct. But I am surprised that he/they have not released more. At the time when they first came out, it was meant to be the smoking gun.
But nothing has really come of them. If anything the stuff that has come out is just what most people already believed/thought i.e Chem weapon attack in Syria.

Although one of the good things with sites like this, and just from experience. Is a lot more people are becoming aware of what is happening in the world. Hopefully they will start to question things more.

But nothing will change unless we make it happen. United we stand divided we fall


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We would be all speculating why there is not more about the leaks so I don't want to go there, as for the people wanting change history shows us things have to get really bad like getting oppressed, I am trying to think of something that has pi--ed off the whole country, like the politicians claiming for expenses, they had to react, but like I said it has to be bad and effect everyone.


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04 Feb 2013 13:26:41
well the only thing I can think of like that in my lifetime were the poll tax riots and the fuel protests of ten years ago. They won't repeat the poll tax mistake again for a few years till we're all dumbed down. Fuel tax is a scandal isn't it? I'd cut it by half and whack that amount on tobacco and drink instead.

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