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02 Jan 2012 19:13:22
What do we think of kingdom of the crystal skull ticks a lot of conspiracy boxes so they used a few concepts that pop up on here. Aliens lost cities etc

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The indiana jones film was crap

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{Ed033's Note - Steven Spielberg allegedly has a number of what he thinks are ET artefacts that he has acquired/purchased and occasionally shows them to people.}

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Apparantey saddam hussein also had load of ET artefacts hoarded, Ancient Sumeria is right where Baghdad is now, and without going into detail again we all know the annunaki/sumeria link. Was suggested USA were reluctant to bomb certain places because of there historical E.T related significance, theres complete ancient cities buried under a few feet of sand.


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Yeah i know the films a bit pap but i don't think its that bad. But i menat the issues it raises like area 51, roswell, pre historic alien visitors teaching early man, lost south american cities, all these crop up on these pages, just wondered what people thought. i thought it was interesting what was raised in the film, more interesting than some of the pseudo religious stuff in the original trilogy.

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Was it peru where saucer took off, it looks like machu pichu, maybe these mayans new something about aliens, i know it sounds far fetched but you never know, its like that saying, if you told someone in 1930s we will fly a man in space you would have been laughed at.

{Ed033's Note - German rocket scientists in the 1930s wouldn't have laughed.}

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02 Jan 2012 11:07:54
Hi this is my 1st post (not reply) on this site I was wondering what peoples thoughts are on 2pac being dead or alive? The number 7 played a big part in the conspiracy theorists anyway I have heard things in his songs that could not have been said unless he was alive for example in his song All Out in his album until the end of time released post death in 2000-1 he raps the words: you killed kadaffi murdered my friend now I built a new posse: for those who don't know kadaffi is 2pacs mums best friends kid and 1 of his best mates and was in 2pacs crew the ouwlawz anyway kadaffi got killed a month after 2pac was pronounced dead so how can he even say that line in a song if he was already dead also in same song you hear him say: you wondering who shot me (next words in distant voice) no-one: so many things are inconsistent with this death sorry for the long post and thank the eds for a great site. I'd like to hear some peoples views on this. Killah Virus

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The only person who knows what really happend to 2pac is Snoop Dog. i don't know what to believe.


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How would snoop dog know ?

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I have never really cared before, until reading this post. I am now going to research this!

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There is an interview with snoop and pac a few days before pac died, just look at snoops face during the interview, call me paranoid but it looks like he knows something is going to happen to his friend pac?!


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Or maybe he had just smoked a load of weed and was pickled

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I believe he is still alive and will make a return in 2014. I have done plenty research dating back to 2006 (on and off) there's loads of good videos on Youtube explaining it in detail. Take a look

{Ed033's Note - How about posting a link to the best of these youtube videos you have found that led you to this conclusion?

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Nah he's as dead as a dodo

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Hi thanks for the replies raz have u looked into it what I believe happened is that after the shooting in vegas he survived 7 days and apparently died I reckon he survived but decided it at last minute when recuperating because it the shots were from no other than suge knight who was driving the car he shot in suge set the whole thing up he paid a 1.3 million dollar bond to get him out of jail in return for 3 studio albums 2pac got out of jail and worked round the clock making 3 films and recorded enough material for all 3 albums suge made the 1st album a double cd so it only counted as 1 he then had the over albums made which would release him from his deal and the outlawz all said pac wanted to leave death row and start his own label don't forget he wasn't getting paid cos suge paid his bond wen pac was in jail he had suge visit him and put all the biggie s**t in his paranoid head and got pac to sign on a napkin there in the prison anyway pac wanted out of the label which ment no more money from pacs sales so on the night of the fight he ordered 2pac not to where his vest which he always wore at big events and also told his guard to sit in car behind and the only person who said they could identify the killer was kadaffi who got murdered a month later suge set up the fight wit Orlando Anderson and had the car riddled with bullets around the car nothing fatal properly planned while he opened fire on him whilst inside police found casings inside the car which were different from the scene also suge was not allowed in the hospital room in the whole 7 days he wanted out wen he realised even his own man would kill him. Killah Virus

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