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02 Jul 2013 20:49:33
Ever since I 'woke up' about four/five years I have been living in total frustration. Nothing is what it should be and I constantly feel as though there is no point going on through the pathetic existence I'm doomed to because the system is so counter-intuitive.

Then in your daily life, which is relatively poor, because you can see all the atrocities, lies and stupidity you can't seem to escape. You have one choice, accept it! I'm just not comfortable with it at all. 90% of people scoff at the thought of our government being in any way crooked, deceitful etc, even when they are presented with facts they are conditioned to deny them.

Then there's the 10%, probably less, who are 'awake' and they are, like me, doomed to live in this black hole we call Earth because there is just not enough strength in numbers to make any positive change.

It seems like the only victories I'll ever see in my life are minuscule, and are they really worth living for?

I'm not a Star Trek fan by any stretch (just can't get into it) but I always loved this - "Live long and prosper"

There is no prosperity on Earth anymore. In terms of the human race, we aren't progressing. Earth is not a haven for life but a breeding ground for greed.

I mean, should I want to visit another part of the planet, I'd have to jump through hoops, pay for a visa etc just to set foot on that patch of land and breath that air. Surely every human should have the right to explore? The Earth and all it has to offer is being turned into a commodity, bit by bit yet everyone just accepts it. People genuinely believe we living in a democracy. Nope! It's a dictatorship! The only choice we have, we get to pick the puppet. The puppet master never changes.

Sorry, going to stop now as it's just too depressing. Does anyone else feel so miserable and frustrated that they'd be tempted to call it a day and hope for better after death? I'm not saying I'm suicidal but does no one else feel like the fight for Earth has been lost long ago and we're never going to see the dawn of a new age?

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I know exactly how you feel mate, they say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and once you start researching what's going on in the World it does depress you, but in my opinion its better to have a bit of knowledge then live in ignorance. My advice, for what it's worth, is not to think of human kind as a whole but concentrate on your own little universe i.e. your family, friends etc, and just try and stay positive within that small environment. Keep smiling and stay positive mate!


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Have you read 'The Handmaids Tale'? It reminds me very much of the world as most us on here see it. Staged terrorist attacks, power, control and deceit.

Back to reality, what else can we, as the minority, do other than accept it?


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There's lots like you mate, I include myself. If it was not for the fact I have a wonderful wife and kids I think I might be a lot worse. The apathy shown by the vast majority of the human race is staggering. We have been browbeaten to accept any crap they throw at us. The lies and deceit is endless. Until many millions more change their outlook and start asking questions things will never change.

Sadly the people who control, and that's what it is control, the World know this. Utilities should be owned by the governments and be given free to the population. Transport should be free. This could be done with ease. The money spent on weapons and the whole munitions industry would easily pay for it. This would enable the population to actually have a life and have money to spend. It would cut the carbon emission issue as more people would see they don't actually need a car.

Thatchers greatest trick was putting a noose round the peoples neck by way of mortgages. If a country was run correctly there would be no need to buy a house. Social housing would be of a high standard and be plentiful. How she ever got away with creating this home owning culture is beyond me. Now because of the stupidity of greedy bankers people are living in fear of being homeless. If you have this hanging over your head are you going to cause shout and demand better? No.

This country has far too many politicians, peers and associated wage thieves. We give money, for free, to one of the richest families in the world. They own palaces all over the country while people are sleeping under bridges. We give huge grants to the aristocracy to maintain crumbling stately homes. All this happens while the general populace are fed rubbish in papers and TV.

My kids have came through university and are caring decent people. They have been taught to follow their own paths and think for themselves. that's all we can do. The fact more people vote on x factor than an election is the most depressing thing I have ever read.

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I don't know really what to say about the op! Some stuff in there I really agree with, but the one thing I seen I didn't agree with was the "is it all worthwhile"
Here's how I see it! Each one of us has different s*** going on, every single one of has some type of thing in our own life's that we'd obviously rather not be going through. Yes, it's quite sickening with all the stuff that comes out about our governments, politicians etc. And that there is things going on that makes the human mind shudder in disgust at some of the things we do to each other, but my answer to all that stuff is this!
Just embrace every single moment you can with those you care most about, appreciate being such a complex being that you can mull over the unknown with no certainty just what we are part of. Take in any clear night sky you can, share a joke with your close ones, and hold tightly your closest others. Feel a gentle breeze whisk across your face, listen to the music you like as loud as you can, take in some brilliant literature, share your thoughts and opinions with like minded people and just take every bad bit of news you hear on the chin! I could have kept going on with things to at least make life a bit more enjoyable, but realised how long I've been going on for!
So like you said op, "live long and prosper" no matter how hard it is, and don't waste your short time here worrying about how bad things are!



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I think we have all felt like you gunner and think what's the point? Now I have had the attitude of spreading the word on the same devices that they monitor us on, I make a point of putting links on
twitter and Facebook that should be in our interest, this site is a prime example for spreading the word, we have brothers in Australia. south Africa the middle east, all over the world and it will grow like a virus the more we share, they want us to feel helpless because they know if we stand as one it's game over, so my advice is chin up try to educate not preach to people who you are in contact with and if you have kid's tell them to think for themselves take no notice of the media.

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Truly heartbreaking stuff mate, yes knowing that the life we live daily is not right the oppression depression & suffering most of us go through is really soul destroying, but I would never give up what I know to be led blind round a false sense of reality.
Knowledge is power my friend I currently am going through a big change in my life & swear to dedicate my time to educating myself as much as I can & hopefully that can lead to educating others. Don't stop fighting for what you believe in because you brother fight for what's right. There are many wonderful things in life like love & joy everyone needs that keep your chin up pal were never truly defeated until we roll over & let them break us.

On a lighter note the Gunners are going to splash the cash this year buddy the only way is up! If that's what your Gunner name ment.

Rise & Shine

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Thanks guys. Nice to know others feel or have felt the same and I'm not just some cynical bugger.

Yeah, Rise & Shine. Seems like they will but I'm naturally skeptical. Have to wait and see. Hope is the killer, as they say. See, even that saying has a sinister undertone. Ahh! Head's melted.

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It's just a sinister world we live in, it will never get better without the likes of us just stay positive. Hey could be worse you could be a Glasgow Rangers man like myself trapped in the pits of Scottish Football lol.

Rise & Shine

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An inch. It's small and it's fragile and it's the only thing in the world worth having. We must never lose it, or sell it, or give it away. We must never let them take it from us.


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02 Jul 2013 11:44:31
more about the sinister monarchy, just check this out guys and tell me what you think.

native canadian children allegedly left residential schools with monarchy persons and disappeared.

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Great link Franky Grim stuff indeed this Child Abduction/ Child sex rings & pedophila goes deeper than the Ocean. This has been passed on & on through millennia and has got to be the sickest cover ups I've ever read about truly disgusting man. I hope that now it's beginning to come out this could be small steps towards a fight back! Did you read on About the Natives 6th sense from there long hair amazing stuff? If we lived pure without the secret poisons shoved down our throats daily I think the human race would be a much stronger more powerful & versatile race mentally & physically.

Rise & Shine

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Yeah mate weird stuff ancient Indians were always labeled to be in tune with mother earth and the sixth sense, it makes you think was it a premeditated attack in the 1800s to wipe them out and sharing the knowledge, as for the queen/monarchy they have always come across as cold blooded and even though I do believe sacrifices go on that story chills me and I think back to when I was about 10 feet away from the queen and the prince when they came to liverpool for the silver jubilee think it was 1977 not sure, it was dead hot and packed. a lot of the kids were passed over the fencing and sat on the kerb as the royal car went past us all dead slow, to think they are not what they seem is truly shocking.

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03 Jul 2013 19:15:02
I think hair operates as an antenna which works with a kind of natural 'wireless'. I'd say the effect is very subtle, but real. I also think this is why hair was portrayed the way it was in the movie "Avatar". pea

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Good point pea, might be another reason the Nazis shaved the Jews hair?

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02 Jul 2013 11:16:08
I just feel the general public are so far gone here in the Uk & the states I fear for our dumbed down society living in a bubble of falsified reality struggling day in day out to make ends meet it should not be the way & it's time to wake up the masses before it spirals any further from our reach. I really hope all of us on here can make a small start & a difference to our future. We let them make us feel guilty for the state of the world they take our hard earned money for charity & laugh at us as they sit on cash they could never spend. Letting us kill the Earth & eachothwr while they hide every decent invention or shut people down who have good helpful ideas for our future & the future of this planet. It makes me sick to my stomach we let them away with this & the only real options we have would see us either In a cell or worse. I will Keep on fighting the good fight for aslong as I live. Rant over!

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I was with you all the way rise then you spoilt it with the gunners, ha joke mate well said.

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02 Jul 2013 10:33:41
To the chap who entertainingly wrote that South Africa was going to collapse and China would colonize, has no idea whatsoever about RSA. The Chinese will find a huge problem on their hands. With a group of people who have been groomed to rebel and fight against a system! And who take pride in fighting against oppression, my friend we're used to this kind of thing and thrive in it! Have you heard of the Zulu war or the Boer war. Weve been colonized before and fought hard to free ourselves, were not going to give it up easily that's for sure, well i'm not! and on a side note I have no problem cohabiting with any culture any people anywhere as long as it's not forceful, ITS ALL OF OUR PLANET! understand that!

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South Africa wouldn't stand a chance against China.

but it won't come to that.

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South Africa would be easy pickings for China.

However it may not be south Africa that China is interested in?

There are many other Counties in Africa that would offer much less

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{Ed033's Note - resistance is futile

02 Jul 2013 10:29:43
What's people thoughts on the Anonymous Hackers? They've been around a while now and get every little exposure here I see they hacked CNN & Fox News? I'd love them to do that here with the BBC & Itv just to get there message across. They seem an all talk no action group but without the 99% on there side they can never wage war on the powers that be for the good of ourselves our sons & daughters there kids & so on for a free peaceful world where common sense, fairness & equality prevails over Greed, power & Corruption.

Rise & Shine

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{Ed033's Note - There is a rumor that Anonymous are backed by rich elitist types anyway and if that's true, they won't be of any use to us people.

That does not surprise me Ed. If they are run by elitist then why crap on your own doorstep if you know what I mean? Or is it just spreading of false information, rubbing our noses in it or trying to work up enough unrest to impose martial law or worse? The way the country is I think the people like us will always stand alone while everyone else is more interested in what Justin Bieber & Beyonce are up to not what Oppression our Governments force on us daily.

Rise & Shine

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{Ed033's Note - There's agendas at play that we don't know about. It appears now that immediately after a false flag happens, possibly the same government agency that carried out the attack then puts out a number of poor videos on youtube saying it was a false flag. This actually attacks the conspiracy researchers as these poor videos put people off thinking it's a false flag.

Governments attack themselves and each other using mercenaries to take the blame away from the attacking government.

If you fun anonymous, you can attack another entity (government or media) and it appears to be just a random attack by some computer geeks

02 Jul 2013 10:17:02
The Scotland possibly leaving the UK post that was submitted on this site was placed on our political site (see top of page)

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