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02 Mar 2012 18:17:44
I think Tom Cruise has been posting on here during the relegion debate. Hi Tom, your films are awesome but your a sandwich short of a picnic.


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I Pressed Disagree his films aren't Awesome.. Try Gruesome

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Sorry I'll re phrase that..... Hi Tom, I know you are posting on this site, I know we are all open minded but you scientologist views are crazy. Please stop it, Ps your films are gruesome and your wife is too tall for you.


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You must be joking guy,
have you not seen top gun.

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02 Mar 2012 18:01:09
My theory about the England managers job is that Harry redknapp has already been appointed as manager and selected the squad and captain for the last game.

This would explain the appointment of Scott Parker as captain and the reason why the fa are happy to 'wait' until nearer the euros before announcing the new manager.

Obviously they want to keep it quiet so spurs fans and squad don't start kicking off...anyone agree?


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Been saying this since Cappello got the boot! Total ploy and a bit of a disgrace! The FA are a complete jokes! That have double standards! Harry was guilty of tax evasion but got off and walked into the England job!

Runcorn Red!

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Lets face it how mnay contenders was there for the job?

I think there were only 2 realistic contenders and that was Redknapp and Hodgson, but the media wanted Redknapp and their constant calls for him influenced most of the fans.

However the minute it goes pear shaped (and it will) those same Redknapp supporters in the media will be the first to come out moaning abiut him.

Ps look what happened the last time the England manager was chosen by popular acclamation from the media and the fans, thank you Kevin Keegan!

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02 Mar 2012 13:43:20
whenever i picture god or the devil i think of yoda and the emperor...

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02 Mar 2012 13:42:26
the biggest conspiracy is hotdogs. You get more in the tin than you get rolls in the packet so you have to buy more rolls than you need.

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Watch bullet proof monk! Think it answers that question! :)

Runcorn Red!

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Or Father of the Bride....

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02 Mar 2012 13:40:22
i think people take the bible too literally. Its an attempt to communicate across time and to communicate big ideas. Its like those data plaques we put on the voyager probes. You need to communicate but you need a way of how to communicate. So you use simple concepts any advanced civilisation can understand. Same with the bible. Its just across time and with different translations and interpretations the original meaning has been distorted. Its not really a talking snake as we think of it its an illusion to something that can be taken as a talking snake. Same with the vedas and the flying carpets.

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Hi, i think you are right and without sounding like a a smart alec the word that describes your point here is ALLEGORY - a means of conveying a message by hiding it in a story/picture. As you say the picture presented is an allusion to something else.

I like this:


Renegade Pea

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Yes that is the word i meant

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02 Mar 2012 13:09:20
Ok heres something a bit different but its my personal conspiricy thought, why would energy companies be trying to help you buy less of their product ? These energy monitors they have dished out in the millions all have to be pluged in and use energy, allthough not a lot in each household collectively across all their customers who use one are going to be using up millions of energy units each week, anyone else think its a con ?


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I think its more along the lines to appear "Green" im guessing the more that came there way from new customers due to this scheme would overcome the losses?


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02 Mar 2012 11:35:57
Going back to the religious theme, what do people think of the virgin Mary being artificially inseminated, (as she was still a virgin). Potentially inseminated by the serpent/snake in the desert. Alot of stuff seems to suggest that the serpent is symbolic to aliens, even more specifically reptilian aliens.
Quite a few well known historic paintings showing Mary with flying saucers / aircraft in the background.
I've even stumbled across a painting by hitler of mary & Jesus with what looks like a spacecraft below the sun.
Again it's been mentioned before that in the bible there are references to flying objects/angels/beams of light coming through clouds from disc shaped objects.
Is our true history and origins now becoming clearer?

Supasub {Ed001's Note - there are countless stories of virgin births in antiquity, it was used as a way of ensuring a woman who had lost her virginity prior to marriage still had some value. It can be rape, consensual sex etc, but, whichever it was, a woman's value to her family was in being married to the right family and to do so she needed to have her virginity.}

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Absolutely - religion is rife with allegories of Artificial Insemination, and is largely a cover story for such activity!

Artificial Insemination
Artificial Intelligence

EXTRA terrestrials
Shape-Shifters... allegory!

How about... Science has been long in advance of where we're told it is and we're kept 'in the past'?

Renegade Pea

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02 Mar 2012 01:24:59
right guys here is a topic i have thought about,i consider myself as quite mellow and a genuine good human being but there is still that savage instict in me if for instance something happend to my kids etc etc and if we had a poll prob 99 per cent would say the same thing my point is have we really changed at all from prehostric times? i dont think so, the human race is and will always be agressive,its human nature(pardon the pun)

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A man who can control aggression and anger can be very deadly

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Agreed but my point is not with man who is agressive its about non agressive people,our species sadly are not geared for peace,we will always fight about something,land/oil/religeon/women/jealousy, you name it we fight over it and i dont think we could change, out of all the species on this world we are by far the worst, animals kill to survive, we do for greed/power,thats why i reckon this is hell and we only really change when we die.

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Franky, what about stags butting each other to impress the female, its a little bit like humans outside the weatherspoons of a Friday evening ?


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Yess matt thats my point every insect animal human has to fight to survive on this earth, hence it could mean this is hell.

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This franky is what I mentioned in your other cracking post! I read somewhere that this is hell! We work to survive! 40 hour weeks for fat cat big bosses for a measley wage! Ok not everyone falls into that category but the large percentage do!

I truly believe this is hell! And by all reconings with the financial crisis things are about to get a lot worse! Look at the Americans! Their country is there pride! They respect their history and truly engaged in the American dream! Now soldiers, doctors, nurses teachers and many more living in the slums struggling to survive! It won't be long before the uk goes the same way!

Runcorn Red!

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Franky im a doorman and have done martial arts for over well 20 years and have learnt to control my fear and anger and myself and my sensei have always been very proud of the fact of how numb i have become in altercations whether in the dojo or while in work...But it messes with your head and while i am a mellow guy like yourself and i can control my emotions to a great extent i always have a feeling that when my anger is allowed to show it will be one hell of an explosion and i dont think i will be able to control it...I dont think it is supposed to be controlled to such an extent it needs to be released


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Yes guys thats my whole point humans are programed to fight, we have done it since we have been created and will do it untill we die, it's like the anolgy of the scorpion and the frog, its inbuilt in us and your right guys we do need to let of steam.

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As an extension of what has been said here there have been recorded instances where people have shown extraordinary abilities when faced with a strong emotional situation. One instance that I can think if is a story that was one the news a few years ago where a gentleman's wife became trapped under the wheels of a car. He ran up to the vehicle and physically picked the car up to free his wife. He was interviewed on the news and he stated that he had no idea where the strength came from. He just acted upon instinct and emotion. He wS unable to contain the fear, anger and love that he felt. Thankfully it was to save someone

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