Conspiracy Talk Archive May 02 2013


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02 May 2013 16:05:16
anyone have an opinion on the zeitgeist films? very good insight into a lot of problems in the 21st century society in my opinion.

Mr. Deeds

Zeitgeist films are to awaken people or the very least make people think.

Interesting films, some of the the content is plausible but way out there at the same time. The guy who made the films once worked for the kind of organisation that he disgraces in the series. The 1st installment really got me thinking about religion, I was brought up a catholic and my kids have been brought up the same by their mother, however I sincerely refute any of the bullsh*t they are taught.

Yeah they're brilliant and more should be made to enlighten and give people more information than the crap we got told in school.

Mr. Deeds, may I reccommend Spirit Science? I researched it after Zeitgeist. 4 hours long but interesting and entertaining

Geordie Al

Same here boozy.