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02 Oct 2011 17:47:23
Sam Cam's eyes are an inch and a half too high! Think about it people.......... {Ed001's Note - who?}

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Samantha Cameron wife of the Prime Minister Ed001.

Can't say i've ever measured her face though.

Mort {Ed001's Note - maybe you should....}

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Samantha Cameron - an inch and a half too high, check it out, it's a tell tale sign.


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I honestly can't say that i'm all that interested in her all that much.

So why is this significant and why should i measure her face?

Can just imagine running up with a tape measure....


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I think she is a babe so what if she is a reptile?

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I'd would not say no

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02 Oct 2011 15:23:43
Does any one no if my old enemy 2 PAC really is still alive BIGGY SMALLS

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Look into sug knight , death row records.........lfc

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02 Oct 2011 11:15:22
irish red you've got a massive chip on your shoulder. Yes their have been many tragic events in the history between our two islands. Many things that should never have happened. But the vast majority happened centuries ago. Most english people like the irish. We'll happily cheer you on in sporting events. We wont do that for the scots. Look at the recent help we've given you to help your economy out. I've been to dublin its one of my favourite cities. I even went to see the post office. Your women are beautiful. Whats happened is in the past and i'm not going to apologise for things done before i was born. I wasn't responsible and i certainly don't agree with it. But if you really think a bombing campaign was justified then i'm sad. Do you really think those two young lads in warrington deserved to die? Amongst many others? Wrongs were done on both sides but neither can move on till there is some forgiveness from both sides. Even your top sinn fein men seem to be moving on. Peace. Mort

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Fair play Mort,well said,though wouldnt agree with you 100% about our women being beautiful...haha!!

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Just another apologist for British imperialism which has spanned the centuries, Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya,Ireland,India ect ect.
Ireland is our biggest trading neighbour, so was in our interests to help a co-dependent trading partner.

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Mort i agree 100% with your statement. The two lads did not deserve to die and im against most stuff the IRA do ''NOWADAYS'' but i support the them because what they are trying to do. O ya i totally agree on the woman lol.

Irish Red

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Irish Red thank you. I cannot condone the methods no matter the aim, there has to be a better way. But thank you.

To the unamed poster, where did i condone Imperialism? Do you see current events as Imperialism? Are we supposed to stand by as madmen massacre people who want freedom? Too many times we have stood by and appeased dictators and madmen when we should be rooting them out. As i said in my first post a lot of tragic events happened, that should never have happened. But as i also said i will not apologise for events that happened before i was born, i bear no responsibility for acts committed when my grandparents were children. Also do you think that some other country would not have done the same? The French certainly would have and committed many similar acts themselves. As did the Americans when they carried out ethnic cleansing in their own country.

Many nations have committed many wrongs upon other nations and their own citizens. But these events have happened and are undoable. All we can do is learn from them and move on. Let go of the hate and build a better world. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

Peace brothers.


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Haha yoda rocks!

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Mort who are you to decide who is or is not a madman!. Rooting who out?. Your words are very dangerous,very right wing conservative. Britain and America have no right to be the moral policemen of the world,smacks of bullying. Don`t see the west take on any nuclear powered madmen!!. Irish red stop sucking up to tory Mort.

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Actually i'm a Marxist. Are you saying the likes of Gaddafi and Hussein were not madmen?

Did i say America and Britain ? I would like to see the UNited Nations doing the job it was created for and protecting the people, not cowering to lunatic dictators who oppress and murder the people.


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I take it the lunatic dictators are Cameron and Obama!

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How was i sucking up mistery poster ?

Irish Red

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The UN is simply a tool of the illuminati my god the ignorance on here is unbelievable, sorry for being so high and might but please learn some more dig a little deeper and apply some KOP on!
(that pun was for the Liverpool fans!)

The church
The UN
The EU
American presidents
The federal reserve
etc. etc.

Are all owned by the illuminati

The enchanted one

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I fear a very dark element has appeared on this page, yes i sense the mu fans .........lfc

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Actually mate I am a Liverpool supporter

I am not a dark element of any kind

but I appreciate your humour!

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02 Oct 2011 00:54:51
so a fun, entertaining and interesting site gets hijacked by a load of ignorant people. I can understand people get offended. I'm offended by the person who said the ira aren't terrorists and still seems to be holding a grudge over events that happened long before they were born. I can understand people getting offended by the original poster. But in his cack handed way he raised a question that a lot of people have. We are becoming a divided society and this does not help. It just breeds mistrust and hatred. Instead of retreating off complaining about being offended have a discourse. People's mistrust stems from the perception that you are a closed community. We were all created equal so lets treat each other as equal. Thank the maker and peace brothers. {Ed001's Note - that was exactly why I posted it rather than just deleted it. People are far too happy to get offended about things, rather than attempting to put their side of things over. How can they expect someone to understand if no one explains to them?}

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All im saying is if it wasnt for the IRA i would be probally dead. I grew up in Northen Irealnd in the 70's so thats why im trying to defend the IRA

Irish Red {Ed001's Note - you could equally say they caused as much harm as they did good. You are defending something that is indefensible. If you want to defend their cause, that is all well and good, but their methods did as much to prolong the struggle as anything. But then they shouldn't have been put in a position where they were forced into making a choice in the first place. Still doesn't change the fact that they were terrorists (def: someone who uses violent action, or threats of violent action, for political purposes), and so prove that not all terrorists are Muslim. In fact most, if not all, Governments around the world are guilty of terrorism too.}

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Yes i agree with you but it was to help get back out country in which your one ( i asume your english ) tried to take over and which your country still part own the north

Irish Red {Ed001's Note - I am British, I have a British passport, not English. My great-grandad was involved in the Dublin uprising mate, my great uncles were put in concentration camps by the English. I just don't think that shooting people or planting bombs is the answer. Violence begets violence, hatred breeds more hatred. It just makes things worse in my opinion.}

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Most of my family were involved in the orginal IRA so i know what your talking about. But on your second last comment you said most , if not all governments are guilty of terrorism were not because nowadays you get sent to prision for being involved in the IRA {Ed001's Note - it is a shame that it isn't applied to governments that use terrorism, we wouldn't have had to put up of years of Tony B-Liar that way!}

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Some governments are more into terrorism than others?

I wonder which governments that could be?

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Lets see, Iran, Syria, Libya, Russia, America for example.

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Russia defending its people against the imperialism of georgia is not Terrorism its called self defence.

Russians don't do Ghandi style events

Stalin let the nazis come within 14 miles of moscow and beat the CR** out of the nazis all the back back to Germany!

You do understand it was a russian general can't think of his name now off the top of my head that finished WWII

Its always a bad idea to underestimate the russians they are Warriors and very tough people with a spirit that is not seen in western countries.

By the way Stalin was not Russian but Georgian

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Irish Red- If it wasn't for the IRA I would still have a friend and an uncle. Both were killed in separate incidents where they were killed "by mistake". Forgive me for thinking the IRA and anyone who supports their murder and thuggery, are absolute sc*m. There has been a lot of wrong done by both sides over the years, I'm not blinkered.
Want to talk about conspiracy??
How about the deputy leader (mcguinness) being directly involved in murder. How about the leader (robinson) having a wife who committed fraud. Never mind that he was involved in terrorism in the 70's and 80's. How about PSNI accepting that there are entire estates where they daren't go?? How can Great Britain have a war against terrorism half way around the world but happily accept these thugs running an integral part of the UK? Irish Red you need to take off your geen tinted specs!

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