Conspiracy Talk Archive October 02 2013


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02 Oct 2013 00:35:24
hey guys last post before bed and I am one of many who seem to think another false flag event will take place soon, a lot bigger than Boston but smaller than 9/11, call it a educated guess, america getting pied by Russia over Syria plus america basically striking over pay add the dollar is on its last legs, something has to give! I feel something will happen to keep the sheep in line and take your mind of the real problems.

Totally agree franky, something is bound to happen, it has too, but still most people will just say it was normal LOL


Hey franky, in how long do you reckon, the next month, 2 months? And what's your guess at what will happen?

Doctor Cat

I tend to think the next one, if indeed there is one, will be more 'cyber' in nature. Maybe an EMP shutdown or Massive hacking of the banks from a 'foreign body' to facilitate a new financial crash.

I hope I'm wrong becuse I'm going to the US to see the Fiance for a month on Oct 27th, then hopefully moving there come february or march. lthough with the government shutdonw I think my Visa might take a little longer LOL


Something before Christmas as for what type of event, who knows? could be anything from a bridge blowing up to something chemical, but to be honest I have not got a clue.

All those lovely FEMA camps are just sitting there empty, ready for the first batch of holidaymakers. An so convenient that they're all beside railway tracks. So if there was an 'event' that made use of the road network unsafe (or forbidden), FEMA can come to the rescue, and offer 'safe' refuge to all the displaced people. And if you don't think they will go willingly, remember how thousands queued to get into the Superdome after hurricane Katrina. Especially if the FEMA camps have free water & food, and the perception is that food/water elsewhere is unsafe or just simply unavailable.

Boston was the live drill to see how effectively they can lock a city down, and if you look at it from their point of view it was a roaring success.

Yes Franky something definitely coming down the line, and I fully expect it to be an event that requires Martial Law, roadblocks, curfews etc. For everyone's safety of course:)


02 Oct 2013 15:00:07
The US navy is conducting aerial mapping over Baltimore, they've had a blimp hovering over the city for over a week.
That would make me feel safe if I lived in Baltimore. pea

02 Oct 2013 16:56:17
Ok I'm not going to start mocking any theories because everyone is entitled to their opinion but anyone can
Predict something Is going to happen

I really want to be able to believe what I'm reading but I just don't I don't believe that hundreds of thousands of innocent people are killed by their own
Government etc I just don't understand granted I haven't read slot about thing except what I read on here but it just seems so far fetched.

Please convert me to believe it but right not like ghosts etc I'll believe it when I see it with my own eyes


Jamie false flag events can be from the inside or allowed to happen, if you read the gulf of tonkin incident which in turn led to thousands of men killed fast forward to the Iraq war 9/11 was either a inside job or allowed to happen or even both, innocent people died and military, are we still looking for the weapons of mass destruction?and finally Jamie you wrote "i just don't believe that hundreds of thousands of people are killed by their own" well after 9/11 would you believe that the american government would arm al qaeda to overthrow the Syrian government? my advice to you jamie is to read or watch links on here or any other site and make your own mind up mate.

Jamie, who do you think is responsible for 911 and 7/7? I genuinely would like to know. Thanks.


Franky do you reckon it will be heavily publicised, and ed, what do you reckon mate

Doctor cat

The current government shutdown in the US could be considered a false-flag event and an act of terror against the American public. The idea of the most powerful country in the western world being brought to a halt over a vote on health care
is quite terrorfying. It is also a false situation with the public's well being effectively held to ransom by a group of extremists. It doesn't always have to be bogeymen and pyrotechnics to spread panic and cause mischief.

The current government shutdown in the US proves one thing they have no qualms about spending millions and millions of dollars bombing Syria a couple of weeks ago but they find it hard to pay there own people now?things are bubbling hence my theory on another false flag.

Thanks franky I will read into things I must just be blinkered by it all.

Ryan who do I think was responsible I don't know but I don't think the governments wold kill off so many people for what to invade or start awar?

Jamie governments throughout history have killed their own people in far greater numbers than 911. They don't care about you and me. Never did and never will.

I've learned so much here from E033 and all the regular posters. The advice from Franky is spot on. And question everything the mainstream media tell you. All the best.


05 Oct 2013 13:11:32
Jamie, with respect I would suggest you stop putting so much wieght into 'beliefs'. Maybe try engaging your brain and ressurecting any capabilities for critical thought that might still be in there. pea