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02 Sep 2012 11:59:35
Some football conspiracy here. What do you guys think of 'injuries' being used to cover up footballers' recoveries or bans from drug use? The most high profile rumour I can think of is Jack Wilshere. Although I believe this has and does happen (I remember watching a documentary about it a couple of years ago, no idea on the name) I dont think it is the case with Jack Wilshere. I would love to hear your opinions, including you Ed.

Cheers guys

OTBAG {Ed001's Note - I really don't think I can comment on that particular rumour personally, not knowing what I do know. The FA do it purely so they can keep the reputation of the sport as clean as possible and keep their income from sponsorship high. They make out that it is to give the players a chance to sort out their problems without losing their chance at a career. The players involved have to agree to attend rehab. For me, I would prefer to see them actually tackle the serious problem football has with cocaine usage amongst the players. The only way to do this is to make it public when someone fails, so that they lose their huge sponsorship deals etc.}

There was talk of this years ago with Jonathan Woodgate it was muted that Newcastle sold him to Real because of a cocaine problem

So he's not always injured then. He's still twisted from the previous night haha seriously though its a massive problem IMO. Forget about the sponsors, the two most recent cases I can think of are both ex chelski players, Bosnich and Mutu. Both got sacked and publicly shamed for it. I think the sponsors would prefer that option to the current cloak and dagger approach used by the spineless people of the FA


I think birmingham done this with gary oconnor,claimed he was injured but was serving a ban for taking cocaine,trying to protect the clubs image,these guys are meant to be role models for our children and should be exposed and never allowed to play again.

Hey Aaron i agree mate but those Chelsea players were foreign ,we all know the cases with high profile English internationals from BIG clubs, i wont mention any names but the premier league don't want to tarnish there billion pound sponsorship with it leaking out,

Alright Franky, yea I see where ya coming from with that, I wouldn't want to risk serious cash like that either but it puts their already dodgy integrity into question. Clubs should be allowed to tear up their contracts and lodge a bid for the money they invested to be paid back. I hate using chelski as an example but they did it with Mutu. Another point to look at is some of the referees, surely some of them are on drugs with some of decisions that get made haha


It's maybe also hidden as - like it or not - the kids of today look up to these spoilt pre-madonnas.

Was there not rumours that the same situation happened with Rosicky at Arsenal a few years back? He kept developing mysterious muscle injuries that delayed his come back for a few months at a time


Makes ya think about the Rio Ferdinand case, he allegedly forgot about his test and got banned for 8 months. I'm a liverpool fan and I gotta be honest, I think he genuinely did forget coz, lets have it right, he comes across as a bit of a simpleton. But the right thing happened. He got named and banned


Nah mate rio was one of the main footy players i was on about, fergy defends hes players to the extreme but apart from the initial outburst he kept stum,post epl it was drink and the odd pot smokers now there's a lot of coke-heads.

Gary o'connor was actually caught off the polis in edinburgh with class A's and it was all over the paper in Scotland. I also believe other footballers i.e marlon king for 1, who go wit prostitutes, steal, drink drive etc etc should all be banned from the sport. (Depending on the case of course). it happens all the time yet we idolise these ppl like gods, when rly they make mistakes just like me or u

Very interesting point, OP!
Let's face it guys - any of us regular joes could walk into any bar/club in our local town/city, and if we wanted it, we'd have coke, E, MDMA, whatever.

So magnify that, so the bars/clubs are even more glamorous and the people even more wealthy, and it goes without saying that there will be a hell of a lot of cocaine flying around the bars and clubs footballers frequent.

So yeah, I'd hazard a guess that this goes on quite a bit! As for the scouser above, mentioning Rio, from what I've been told myself a certain CB at Anfield is also a bit of a fiend. And also, injured a lot.......

But yeah, in general, I agree with this!


Red believe me i am not having a go at man u for the sake of it,i was on more so about high profile English players that seem to swerve getting caught,as for the center bk at anfeild yes i know who u mean.


Same here man, wasn't trying to start a bickering session - I agree about Rio, guy thinks he's gangsta so I can only imagine the circles he moves in off the field!

I bet it goes on a lot mate!

RED_SKY {Ed001's Note - Agger's injuries are not related to that mate, he has a back problem and is a slow healer. I am not saying he is clean, because I don't know him to comment on that, but his injuries are genuine problems. Some people heal quickly, others not so, Agger is a particularly slow healer.}

I have it on good authority that a top footballer of the last 10 yrs or so with well documented injury problems was 'constantly on powder'.