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02 Sep 2013 21:42:20
I have just had a message from Tom slemman on twitter appealing for any remote viewers which I found strange and interesting so I asked him what was the appeal for? He replied "the Kennedy assassination" I thought you could only remote view the present?

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{Ed033's Note - Apparently time is not involved, you can remote the present, past and future but whichever it is, it doesn't mean you're going to be accurate.

Yeah edd he just tweeted that to me, it is a mass experiment and any findings will be put on twitter and he's website.

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How does it work? sounds a bit far fetched if i'm honest.

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A remote viewer is a term used to refer to a person who can retrieve information on any target from any distance.
A good way to understand this is to think of radios and radio signals. If everything around us is energy that vibrates with specific frequencies that would mean that when one is tuned to a particular frequency they receive only signals of that frequency. That does not mean that other frequencies are void of signals, simply that there is no way perceive them.
Pertaining to the body, different parts of our bodies resonate in different frequencies. If we seek to experience reality through parts that are tuned to higher frequencies then what we experience is different to what we would experience, were we focusing on lower frequency parts. As one achieves higher states of consciousness their attention shifts to those higher frequencies where due to the virtually infinite potential everything is possible.
Further on, the best remote viewers are actually astral travelers. They tune in with their soul, pure essence, higher self, hyper-consciousness, energy body, light body, astral body. what have you, which is hyper-dimensional. Thus being no longer confined by lower vibrational physical laws i. e. what we perceive as space-time continuum, they can gain access to other realms.

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This is the original message of tom slemmen" I'm planning a mass remote viewing experiment in late November and will need your help of course. Spread the word if you can"

not sure if he has any connections but the appeal is out, will be interesting to see what happens.

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03 Sep 2013 15:48:18
Einstein's reward for stealing patents was to be sat down and shown the theory of relativity. pea

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02 Sep 2013 14:36:36
relating to a post further down, there's coordinates that show some kind of base in Antarctic, just wondering if people have taken a look and what your thoughts are.

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Definitely a hole there. whether it's a cave or bunker though is debatable.

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Could be anything melting snow revealing a cave, now if there has been any sightings from those coordinates then that will be exciting.

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To the right of the hole there's something that looks like a metal hatch like on a submarine but without the wheel in the middle.

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Posted a while back about Nazi's acquiring a map by Piri Reis that showed the Antarctic free of snow and ice and showed where the land was! As we know the Antarctic has been this way for thousands of years! Any ways Hittler and his obsession with holy artefacts came across this map! The story goes that the Third Reich designed and constructed nazi HQ! During world war ships and planes all spotted UFO's. I believe the base exists!


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02 Sep 2013 10:35:18
Zbigniew Brzezinski saying war is becoming inefficient because of people being more politically aware.

Maybe sites like these are working, keep up the good work Ed.


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