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30 Apr 2012 10:32:16
What is monatomic gold? Ive read up on david hudsons in depth discussion and ive also read anna hayes part, there both against others theroys anyone know what one to beileve?

Dont take the crap ....its a load of nonsense......only you can find your higher self ,you dont need any false substance to achieve that ....just be good to your fellow human being and avoid having bad people in your life

That really wasnt an answer to leave it at that anyone got any info on this superconductive white powder

All materials become superconductors at close to absolute zero temperatures. I submitted a post the other day pointing out the obvious and laughable flaws in the "science" of this powder; it enables the use of our "virtual DNA" hidden in the fourth dimension (which is time, all our DNA exists in the fourth dimension). They failed to understand the correct use of the term "spin" (when related to particles), and even suggested the product has "biosuperconductive" qualities (anyone can mash two words together).

In short, the only possibility of this product having a positive effect on a human is through the placebo effect. It's about as proven to work as homeopathy and prayer.

Hope this helps,

{Ed033's Note - Without any question homeopathy works and most likely prayer helps. I posted a bit about monoatomic gold a few posts down but here it is again. In ancient egypt there was a substance that the royalty/high priests consumed which we know of as white powder gold. This is gold in its monoatomic high spin state. The ancient egyptians called it mfkzt. Sir William Flinders Petrie found a load white powder in a temple but virtually all of it blew away when the lids of the caskets it was in were opened. A guy called David Hudson rediscovered this monoatomic gold on his farm. When consumed this monoatomic gold allegedly enhances brain function. You can buy this substance today but you are probably not going to get the exact same substance the ancient egypt royalty/high priests consumed.

I've read your bit before. I replied to it but it wasn't posted. The "high-spin" state you talk of is described on several websites as being due to the numbers of paired electrons in the "mono atomic" substance (which basically means it's pure gold), which is clearly wrong as the spin state of an atom is influenced by the spin of unpaired electrons.

If there is evidence for homeopathy being more effective than a placebo in any double-blind randomised controlled trial, then I'll accept your assertion that homeopathy works "without question". However, that which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. I sincerely doubt anyone here would accept a homeopathic treatment over a conventional treatment for an illness. That's why we go to the doctors!

The studies that have found support for prayer healing are methodologically flawed; belief that you will be healed is likely to induce the placebo effect, which is poorly accounted for in the non-blind studies that have found effects. However, there is more evidence for prayer working than homeopathy. Just ask Steve Jobs or Bob Marley...

{Ed033's Note - Assuming you are Rikki, i told you that you need to get up to speed because you know so little but you refused to do educate yourself by going to the video interview web page ( I mentioned to you before, proving you really are closed minded.

I visited the website and suffered several hours of videos on a few different subjects. I don't mean to give off the impression that I am some closed-minded fool who thinks conspiracy theories are ridiculous; I actually came here because I'm as sceptical as the next man. The only thing I criticise on here is the misrepresentation, misuse of - or just plain wrong - science.

Scientific ignorance is a much more avoidable plague of society than gullibility in regards to politics and the media, and is something that I try to alert people to just as much as you strive to open people's eyes to what might be going on around them. I'm not merely trying to debunk every topic discussed here, there a few I am quite drawn to, I just try to point out the scientific inaccuracies in some cases. I hope this one makes it through too!


{Ed033's Note - your previous posts appear to repeat main stream science. Main stream science says that copper tools were used to cut the granite used in the pyramids. There are loads of instances where main stream science outputs this obvious rubbish. When people repeat this kind of main stream science they need to get up to speed. When performed correctly, the Pons and Fleishman cold fusion experiment works, when created correctly the John Bedini motors work, when created correctly the Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell works. When performed correctly homeopathy works. But all this is dismissed by main stream science.