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30 Apr 2013 10:22:03
six years ago Madeleine McCann went missing now as a father of 3 girls that is the worst torture I could think of, I would not wish that on anyone and I mean anyone, in my opinion someone very influential and important has something to do with her murder as I can not see her being alive, were either of the parents involved in what had happened? as a human being I would say no, how could any parent allow that to happen? then again I would not leave my kids alone no matter if its a stones throw away from the bar they were in, to be honest I am still angry they done that, but if they had nothing to do with the abduction then they will be paying for that for the rest of their lives, as you may gather I am unsure if either of them are part of the abduction, the 48 questions kate McCann did not answer is a mystery to me, if I was in her shoes I would do everything I could think of to help the police just in case it lead to a leed, but not answering them questions to me looks like she was more interested in self preservation and that annoys me as well, honestly six years on I don't think they killed the child, do I think they had something to do with her disappearance? i am 50/50 something does not add up for me, a niggling inkling is saying yes one of them knows more.

Martin Smith's statement left me thinking he might have seen Gerry that night. If it was Gerry, it doesn't look great for him. We'll probably never know for sure, but the McCann's attempt to discredit the sniffer dogs doesn't help either. Ryan. {Ed001's Note - as far as I am concerned, at the very least they were guilty of neglect, could you imagine the uproar if they had been a pair of chavs that left their kids alone while they went out? Because they are well to do, that doesn't make them any better at being parents, but it seems to let them get away with things that no poor person could.}

Followed this a while ago, and my opinion is pretty much close to ed's. Something bad happend to Madeleine maybe by them or not, but seems they covered it up to save face. They came across to try too hard to make themselves shown in good light, but never fully shifted blame on their selves for not protecting their daughter. Did they ever say "its our fault" for not being there when she "disappeared"?that would be the first thing that would haunt me!

Gerry is not Madeleine's biological father by the way. We probably wouldn't have found that out if the police hadn't visited him in Birmingham to eliminate him as a suspect. Ryan.

I never knew that mate.

Been looking at the bodytalk of him on youtube and he looks edgy.

I'm sure I recall reading an article that the sniffer dogs went mental in the apartment and their hire car. Dogs don't lie!

There is a video of the dogs in the apartment, and they went mad barking in two specific places. One was the cupboard in the bedroom, and the other behind the sofa. There is also some other stuff online showing how accurate the dogs are. Extraordinary animals. A neighbour of the McCanns said every time she passed by their place, the boot door of the hire car was open day & night. The McCanns apparently said that it was meat from the butchers that had spilt in the boot. They had cleaned it and were airing it. Hmmm. Ryan.

It is alleged the mcCanns are spending more time suing media/people who accuse them of being part of the abduction than chasing up any leeds, obviously we don't know what goes on behind closed doors but is it just me that both of them comes across as cold?i would be suicidal or I would kill a nonce, I also agree that if it was a cheap holiday in wales and a couple on benefits had done the same thing the media would have went ape s --t.

I have just stumbled on this, a interesting read by chris spivey.

Article regarding Kate McCann {Ed033's Note -

Yes the McCanns have been suing or threatening to sue anyone who accuses them of involvement in poor little Madeleine's disappearance. Make me think of Lance Armstrong. A lie begets a lie. Ryan.

An excellent article Franky. I have heard previously that a doctor called Gerry once performed a certain procedure on a dying girl called Diana. Talk about having an ace up your sleeve. Hi Gordon Gerry here got a little problem I need your help with. Sure no problem Gerry whatever you want. Ryan.

After reading the chris spivey thoughts yesterday about madeleine's abduction, he mentions satanic rituals that certain sick groups practise, I only found this out last night on my twitter account, tom slemen a famous author tweeted" Walpurgis Night now - traditionally a time when witches held a major sabbat and the forces of the supernatural became very potent" so I done a wiki search and what that meant is around the time MM was adducted the first born is sacrificed, which makes you think who is involved and how high does this group go up to? (it has to be a group of people) this case has more questions than answers, right off to the gym adios.

For me it’s quite obvious that the Portuguese police where 100% certain that they had done it, which makes me think did they have help from someone high up in the police force which made evidence etc go away? Possible Masonic involvement?


Gerry mcCann is a freemason, I do not know how high up he is thou.

The Portuguese police were a joke at best. The crime scene was contaminated by dozens of police and none of the eye witness accounts of a man seen walking away with a sleeping child were ever pursued as they detective leading the enquiry was so sure they were guilty that he spent most of his time in bars and restaurants.

What creeps me out is that a local British nonce living in the area was a suspect straight away and his mother was his only alibi. This nonce was seen with another man and woman in the area of where she was taken by eye witnesses who gave an accurate descriptions of all three. The same description was provided by a German tourist who the next day after her disappearance said she saw a girl matching Madelines description at a service station and also provided a description of the man and woman which was startlingly similar to the description of the man and woman spotted with the local nonce. The little girl was asking for her mummy. Again none of this was investigated due to their witless policing.

In my opinion why go to such lengths to kidnap a girl just to kill her? I think she was taken to order and it is not the first time a British youth has disappeared in Portugal. A fact that their authorites would have been aware of hence their quickness to point the finger. The Police ballsed this up from the start, but I agree with everyone, they should have been looking after their kids not at the bar drinking and eating.
Also, police dogs would bark at the smell of urine and faeces as well as other bodily fluids they smell. They barked at old nappies in a bad too. something that has not been widely publicised.

He is sufficiently well connected to be able to call the Prime Minister that same night on his mobile phone. Also Gerry and Kate never went and searched for Madeleine that night. If it was Gerry that Martin Smith saw walking down that street with Madeleine in his arms, then he would have had to hide the body, and go back to the apartment. With the eyes of the world on him & Kate after that, wouldn't someone else have been needed to dispose of the body? A close friend perhaps? Ryan.

Do you know the name of this 'nonce'?

Ok his initals are R M, I posted the name but I am not sure if it can be put up as it could be seen as liable. R M

And no it is not rory mcilroy. {Ed001's Note - I don't know if it can be put up either, so I have left it for Ed033 to look at when he gets the chance.}

There's no evidence that RM is a nonce. It was a journalist from the Mirror who raised suspicion about him, and it came to nothing. Ryan.

R M is trying to sue a South African buisness man who is completly convinced his is connect and has even scanned his drive which was completed around the time of her dissapearance which shows something is burried. if he is so innocent why does he not let the police do a proper search of his property?

Then, if they come up with nothing he can sue.?

Stephen Birch is the guy who has scanned the drive of RM's house. He also says the Portuguese police dug up Madeleine's body from RM's drive and removed body fluids to frame the McCanns.

RM did allow the police to do a proper search of his property and they used goeradar equipment over two days in 2007.

I agree it would be better if the driveway was dug up, but I can also understand RM's position. He doesn't live there any more but his mother does.

The McCanns don't seem keen to have the driveway dug up. You would have thought they would be pushing hard for it to happen.