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30 Aug 2012 16:59:14
I have just tried to watch the James Holmes conspiracy (the lad "guilty"
of the Batman massacre who looks like he's got on the wrong side of
Derren Brown) and guess what? Yep , it's been blocked .
All the illegal , violent , freaky and definitely copyright breaking crap that
manages to stay on the net is not really a problem to the powers that be,
(btw i'm not advocating censorship ) but this story most definitely is.
For those who might not know already , James's father was /is the
cheif witness for the prosecution in the LIBOR scandal , described as the
biggest banking swindle in living memory , his whistle-blowing involving
Goldman-sachs, City-Bank and i think JP morgan, ofcourse i would be clearer on this had i been allowed to see said documentary !
There's an elephant in the room already in that the mainstream media have chosen to ignore the connection between these two huge stories ,not suprising but let's you know what they really are .

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Sign up to a VPN, I personally use Bart VPN. You can bypass any geographic ip tracing and watch anything you want, fully encrypted connection.


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Sorry forgot to add: that james holmes video is excellent and it does make reference to the work his father does, and the up coming court case along with many other points. Such as james holmes arrested dressed all in black, while eye witness's clearly saw a man in a white and blue check shirt shooting guns and a guy with a goatie who took the phone call.


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Thanks Huws.


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Your welcome


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30 Aug 2012 10:44:43
ed, do you know if there has been any meteor sightings (confirmed) across the east midlands, about 3weeks ago i was at an aunties BBQ and this meteor looking thing (a bright ball with a small trail behind it) was passing across the sky, it was a nice day as well so we could see it clearly, it was heading north west, it looked huge, a very low down, i forgot about it and just remembered it today after watching that 2012 video link on the page.
surely it would have been seen by others and where could it of landed?

{Ed033's Note - Sorry, I don't know

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It could have been Perseids which is an annual event up to 100 meteros an hour at it's peak.


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I don't think it was that jonty, it was just one meteor, it was really low, looked like a ball of fire just passing through the sky, normally when i see meteorites they are really quick but this was just passing across the sky.

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30 Aug 2012 08:40:09
I'd like to share something, guys it's true Middle East has a lot of ancient sites and the problem is that it's very hard to access these areas to do your own research. I live in Lebanon and i know of many locations here where there is high knowledge we're not allowed to have access to. Like Mount Hermon and its nearby mountains, this location is on the border with Israel and stories say that the Garden of Eden was at Mount Hermon and that Man was created at this location and still everything exists there in base inside the mountain. Also the stories in rural areas say that one of the first Ancient Astronauts landed in Baalback (The temple of Jupiter), where Gilgamesh used to go and greet his gods and where Alexander the great built his temple to hail - worship his god , and these astronauts chose Mount Hermon as their first residing place.
Now there is no chance for anyone to visit the mountain since it is all occupied by Israeli armies on one side and Lebanese and Syrian armies on the other, I know one soldier who was based there and after discussions with him about the mountain (I opened the topic of if he feels any form of energies and vibes there and he was directly hooked with me in discussions) he told me he and others there always felt that the Mountain is inhabited and that some kind of a base exists inside it and that many official military people visit this area who are from all nationalities, the idea here is that the man never knew of the conspiracy theories regarding the existence of secret bases in mountains all over the world so i talked to him about Dulce and such places he was stunned and so much drawn into investigating these matters. So he and his soldier friend one day set to search the mountain and its caves for anomalies after several hours a nonmilitary patrol caught them and to their surprise the patrol was Italian and as far as they know there are no Italians based there so they had a fight with them and they were caught. First they were handed to the Israelis and in turn also as a surprise they handed them back to the Lebanese forces (this is a huge surprise since all such negotiations are on a national level coz of the existing problems between both countries and already existing hostage situations). Now I'm telling you this because the Lebanese army discharged the two soldiers the next day and sentenced for two years in jail without any court decision. This happened 4 years ago now both soldiers are out and last I saw them was a year ago and they had a fight with me not to talk of such things with them and stay as far as I can and that it's all rubbish, while when I visited them once they were jailed one of them told me that he has many scary things to tell me. I always read and heard stories of such circumstances happening in US or UK but never I thought in my country such secrets can exist.
Again I tell you Middle East has many knowledge but it's all being destroyed, I'm very sad to have found out that most Sumerian areas in Iraq have been bombed and only soldiers now live there, also in Syria where there is one of the oldest monuments and untouched sites is now filled with the rebel Syrian army who are destroying everything in their path. All I know is that we are always being lied to and manipulated so that we don't find out our potential as humans beings. You just get the feeling that in every government there is a small group who decides everything and the funny thing is it's like royalty coz when their time is done either someone from the same family or close takes over.
Sorry for the long post, this is an amazing site with too much needed info I just had to share this :)

Thanks Eds for everything, Cheers J.

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Very interesting post j sorry for the sceptisim but can u edd confirm isp is from Lebanon?

{Ed033's Note - IP address confirmed from Lebanon

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Thanks Ed for confirming, and franky you are absolutely spot on to ask this coz I've heard a lot of rubbish stories myself but I wanted to share this since I know its true and I was in some sort part of it.
One more thing, Ed do you think that Middle East is being targeted specifically to dumb down its citizens also all conflicts and wars are being created to hide certain matters.
Also the depopulation of Earth is definitely in progress just look at the number of deaths in the past 8 months in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yaman, Jordan, Syria and north of Lebanon. It's a shame people aren't realizing the big picture, we still have a chance to restore our human strength and capabilities and I hope that one day the whole Earth population does!

{Ed033's Note - of course the Middle East is being targeted to dumb down its citizens but they are dumbing down all people everywhere on planet Earth. They can't have their total control new world order without dumbed down people going along with it.

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Really interesting post , sorry for the doubts about were you are from j, can you tell us if you are Lebanese or working out there? and this is to the edds, is it a regular thing about posts on here from abroad?

{Ed033's Note - There are posts from abroad on a regular basis

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Hey franky I'm Lebanese Armenian, I was born in Lebanon and got my education here and now I'm working here as well so am Lebanese through and through :)
Like most people here i reached this site through the football rumors pages, living in Lebanon i get the best piece of latest transfer news from the brilliant EDs, but this site has it all. I thought I was aware of many things but maan this site has helped and enriched me, the topics discussed here are of unbelievable great substance. Amazing research.
Cheers J.

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Cheers j and edd, my take on the dumbing down of the middle east is different from the dumbing down of the western world,in the middle east there a religion dumbing down its conflict after conflict and people are getting brainwashed instead of looking at the bigger picture,as for the western world well religion is not what it once was and now we are getting brainwashed in to materialistic lifestyles reality tv/sport fast food outlets, either way its happening all over the world.

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Cheers j keep everyone informed about any developments in Lebanon as we dont trust our media for telling the REAL TRUTH.

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One thing is for sure franky and that's religion and SECTS are the biggest role players in the Arab world. Here which sect you are from defines who you are as a Lebanese (the true process of divide and conquer); your sect and religion place you in a specific political party. I'd love to explain to you how things are truly here in Leb but to do that first you need to know how the system here is and how people are divided. Coz if you really want to know what's happening in the Arab world these things need to be known first because everything is related, all I know is that there is a master plan being put on us. For example Christians are divided into 2 main political parties and so are Muslims. Also allies have been formed like one Christian party with a Muslim party (Christians supporting Al-Tayyar party with Hezbollah the Shiite Muslims). There are too many things to discuss; when I'm free I'll share with you how the politics are here if you want.
Cheers J.

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