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30 Jan 2013 14:17:02
ed, have you seen the leaked email about america thinking about using chemical weapons in Syria? and using Ukraine soldiers who speak Russian.. to do some dirty work and blame it on someone else..

{Ed033's Note - I haven't but that's the kind of thing they do all the time, so no surprise there.

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30 Jan 2013 09:31:12
If anyone gets a chance look at a video on YouTube called run for the cure its about an hour long and it's a fascinating story.
It's about a guy in USA who says he can cure most illness from plant extracts.

He also said he took his findings to pharmaceutical companies and his life got very complicated their after.

I don't know how to post the link maybe someone else can.


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Cheers hongkong and edd will watch it tonight and give my opinion.


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Ye have seen this before, makes you think that they try to ban stuff that mother nature created but try to force more synthetic drugs in to our body, I am going to get me mum the hemp oil (legal) for her arthritis and see if it helps her, will keep you all informed to see how it goes.


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30 Jan 2013 00:28:54
have been watching brave-heart and the morals of the film still apply today, then royalty made every 1 pay unjust taxes while a few lavished, royalty/governments do exactly the same thing today, even thou William Wallace was a Scottish and fought the English I have more in common with the Celts, maybe it could be I have Irish descent ?


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Well the land is named after the Irish Frankie. The Scotti were originally Irish who left their land for the land of the Picts. Irish monks had a huge influence on the area and to Europeans of late antiquity anyone called Scotti was Irish.

{Ed033's Note - Rumour is the name came from, Scota - Egyptian Queen of the Scots/Irish. Scota was possibly Meritaten, eldest daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti

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Franky if you're a scouser its more than likely you have irish heritage, where do you think you get your famous wit from?

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I've come across that before Ed033 about a daughter of Akhenaten. I have read about artifacts found on on Tara (ancient seat of Irish Kings) that can be linked to Egypt but nothing is ever made of it. The biggest problem concerning Scotti developed in the 18th and 19th century. Historians deliberately distanced Scotland from Catholic Ireland for their own reasons. When the Scotti are mentioned in ancient texts it is specifically Irish invaders or settlers they refer too. Unfortunately because of obvious religious and political reasons a lot of rubbish was written during the dates mentioned above to distance the connections between both areas.

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30 Jan 2013 17:57:00
yeah but they get a lot of basic facts wrong in that film like wallace having an affair with the princess of wales who at the time was a twelve year old living in france. And the fact edward first outlived wallace by a good few years. So it kind of makes me take everything else with a pinch of salt. Not saying that the english didn't get upto some right naughty shenanigans but wallace was hardly the hero painted in the film, his sack of the northern towns was brutal but skipped over in the film. Also the royal family and nobility of the time were more french than english and treated the english pretty bad as well. And wallace never painted himself blue either. Being mostly welsh i've no problem with the english getting the odd kicking in films for the stuff they got upto in the past but at least get the basic facts right or else it just looks like another mel gibson anti english film like the patriot. I believe someone the other day was mentioning propaganda in hollywood films. Well there's two examples.

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I thought I got it from me dad, seriously I have on my dads side Irish heritage and on me mums side its welsh so a odd mix, might explain why I am not pro royalty, I think I have mentioned before but I think scousers have more in common with the Irish and Scottish than people down south, just my opinion .


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There was a lot of BS in that film franky.


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Yeh I know Adam its a Hollywood trait but the morals of the movie remains true, the monarchy allowed unjust taxing the poorest, raping many women and murder, not just scotland all over the British isle .


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31 Jan 2013 12:55:12
Another one i've heard is the name comes from Duns Scotus.

Is this noteworthy?



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31 Jan 2013 12:56:13
Picts, border guards of ancient Egypt? pea

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I'm thinking specifically about the rule, the name escapes me, but basically any Scottish woman whom is to be wed to another Scot had to spend a night 'of romance' with an English lord beforehand. There was a scene of this in the film and it's supposed to be a load of rubbish.

I do agree with what you say, and I'm sure we can't take history as gospel but at the same time, I think Mel Gibson is a bit. . rubbish (for lack of a better word). I like the fact that at the end of Apocalypto, the arriving missionaries are sailing under a ship with the saint George's cross. Which to me, seemed like he was blaming us for what happened in South America.


{Ed033's Note - Mel Gibson's father is an alleged expert on the "new world order" so Mel must be aware of certain things. Also exactly how much of the script is outside the control of Mel Gibson films (the films he had a big input in the script)

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Its called Primae Noctis, First Night in latin.

I've never seen Apocolypto, the weird trailer put me off, and when the kid who looked like Ronaldinho popped up. half the cinema I was at burst out laughing.

Gibson does have previous though, like the Patriot.

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Think I seen Apocolypto, its in subtitles I think or most of it is, pretty grusome move if its the same one.


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Yes its in some meso american language.

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Haha, 'meso American' language?

You are aware that from Mexico all the way down to Argentina and Uruguay (minus Brazil alone, which speaks Portuguese), Spanish is the first language?

Meso American. Haha. "One of those bloody rubbish foreign films with subtitles - turn this bleeding rubbish off"

RED_SKY {Ed001's Note - it is in a pretty much defunct language, Yucatec Maya, with subtitles. Spanish is a recent introduction to the Americas, many of the tribes have no knowledge of it whatsoever. Anyway, the point is that meso-American is a pretty good description of it, being as how it is a Central American language, which Spanish is not, no matter how many of them talk it there now.}

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01 Feb 2013 13:44:40
good one red sky. What do you think the tribes spoke before the spanish turned up? Which is what I was referring to and the ed had to correct you on. Many of these languages are still spoken in rural areas.

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If you watch the last scene of the film, check out the flags that the ship is bearing. I'm pretty sure it was an English flag as opposed to anything with Spanish connotations. Very small point but just annoyed me at the time.


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