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30 Jul 2012 20:56:22
Hi, The huffington Post have suggested there was a UFO spotted over the Olympic Stadium on the opening ceremony

What do you think?

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Anyone watching the Olympics on BBC three just now? Showed an overview of the Olympic park, and there was quite clearly a star of David marked out in white inside the Olympic stadium.


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29 Jul 2012 22:04:35
Hi ed whats your thoughts on the Tunguska (spelling) event? Watching a doc now


{Ed033's Note - I would say without question looking at the devastation pattern to the trees there was an explosion in the air above the trees. It is possible to calculate the exact position of the explosion and the force of the explosion by looking at the damage to the trees.

What we don't know is the source of the explosion

Is it a coincidence that the area is one of the least inhabited places on earth. If it was a human experiment (of Tesla technology for example) then that would be the best place to do such an experiment as it could be monitored quite easily as well as only "disrupting" a few people.

Nexus magazine theorised that the explosion could have been caused by an ancient or ET built installation that was firing energy at an incoming bolide and that there are several of these installations over the planet that keep the Earth safe from bolides/large meteors. Obviously it makes sense to have the explosion taking place over a low inhabited area.

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Saw a show where it was speculated it was a small comet.

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