Conspiracy Talk Archive May 30 2012


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30 May 2012 14:16:39
I knew there was something about the image the BBC used for the recent massacre in Syria. This is in no way an attempt to excuse the horrific acts that were carried out in the killing of innocents, However, can we really trust what we are being told by the mass media when a site like the BBC is willing to use false images to get their message across.

Obviously the Government forces are involved in a lot of what is going on but how do we know their claims are not valid. It seems to me the west are vying for that final spot in the middle east, to control Iran by surrounding them. Can we be sure of what lengths the west will go to achieve their endgame ? Here's a link to the image in question, i'm sure it will look familiar from the last week or so.

Cork Red Boi

Wow wait a minute i believe these unfortunate images are very real,why would something so bad be shown to shuch a massive audience ie world wide,and then be propelled as propaganda for a f$%^&g goverment it is soooo wrong please..

red blancmonge

Yeah mate...i read about that alright...apparently the image used was taken by a photographer in Iraq and he noticed the photo on the bbcs page and flagged it immediately. the same picture had appeared previously a few years before in a published article. I agree not is all it seems out in Syria, there are a lot of good videos on youtube about it.

There is also a video on it showing an american tv station, cnn i think, who were talking to these syrian men who were giving an eye wittness account of attacks. A video which leaked showed the men messing around and one of them using a kind of sound effects machine before they went live on the television.


Red Blancmonge,

I am not saying the atrocious attacks were not real. My poiny is about the BBC falsely using an image from a mass grave in Iraq and saying it is a picture from an activist in Syria. I can't say how bad the Syrian government is because i've never been there. However, I am not going to blindly believe the propoganda that is spouted by America and UK, when i know they have an endgoal of having control of the area. Too many times during the Libyan conflict so called activists and people on the ground were proven to be making up sh**e on their Twitter accounts while based in Western countries. I don't believe everthing I see or read from our western governments just because they tell me it's true.

Cork Red Boi

I get your point cheers..

red blancmonge

The link takes you to press Tv's site. It used to broadcast on sky but ofcom shut it down because of apparent admin issues ? It would take me a long time to explain what is happening but to put it simply its a bit like Lybia where the west goes out of its way to help /arm/fund/supply and protect the rebels so they can smash the country to bits whilst our lovely media do its best job to sift through images to make it look to western sheep like they are fighting a just cause and are just some kind of primative outfit with no shoes and potato guns.