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30 May 2013 23:47:25
just watched tv question time, there are definitely plants in the audience as soon a panel member or audience makes a good point que next comment is from a posh toffee nosed businessman who disagrees with everyone.

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Knew someone who applied to be in audience - and yes its no surprise that they insist on pre-vetting all questions before filming - you are told if you will be picked to ask your question beforehand. Wouldn't surprise me if they let some through so that they can trash them with a plant after their question.

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30 May 2013 21:07:00
their are to many people in the world to control. does anybody think there is a long term plan for the illuminate to rid the world of muslims. Iraq, afganistan and lybia are a mess and hague can not wait to arm the barbaric Syrian rebels . when the USA used nuclear weapons against japan a lot of the world were in a war against the Japanese so the American elite were not afraid of public opinion against them or they would not have done it. have the west allowed muslims to flood into Europe knowing full well that the 2 cultures could never live side by side. was the long term plan to have spontainious civil wars all over Europe then the USA use nuclear weapons against the likes of iran and afganistan without the worry of a backlash from people in the west. the gunman in Norway killed 73 people because he was against the islamification of Europe yet he did not target muslims, he targeted the people who he thought were letting them in then championing multiculturism which he felt opened the door to islam. it must be easier to brainwash people into doing good things rather than bad. have people taken the bate that excepting other cultures is a positive wonderfull thing when the elite know it will never work . are the media so hard on anyone who questions multiculturism because the time is not right yet for things to erupt. when the time is right will an event take place when the entire media machine say - right that's enough now this has failed- and then treat the far right as normal exceptable people in society so they can rebel rouse the masses. it could be a hundred years in the future but its the only thing that makes sense to me at the moment.

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30 May 2013 23:16:13
multiculturism has failed though. Because one section of society refuses to fit in with all the rest. Religion obviously is a big factor in this. {Ed001's Note - one section? It is all sections. There are idiots everywhere that refuse to compromise and show tolerance for others. It is not about religion, though that is often used as an excuse, nor is it about the colour of skin, though again that is often used as an excuse. It is stupidity and ignorance.}

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I can see where you're coming from, but I don't think the 'illuminati' or whatever supposed power that be, could predict what has happened.

The war against Japan caused an awful amount of heartbreak in the US and around the world.

Muslims being allowed to flood into Europe? The thing that annoys me with religion, is the fact that any one segregation/ congregation can come out with nonsense that a certain country can only have a certain religion!.

Who is anyone to say that the UK or the US are Christian countries? This planet was here long before any religious groups got their sneaky little mitts on it.

We're all human beings and have to realise that we are only a new cycle in a very long, numerous number of cycles. For any ignorant, religious leader, to come out and say that his flock of sheep are the chosen few, and that all other doubters should be dammed to hell, it is ridiculous.

Any country in the world should be just as reachable as the closest town next to you. We have been lucky enough to be born into a somewhat, fantastic age (yet somewhat harrowing and stupid). The countries of Earth are ours, not theirs. I wish we could live in a world where we support each other, not attack, or overcome!. If we all realised the true effects of how natural resources could help us, instead allowing the country raping, innocent people killing war machine governments to control us!

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Original poster here. there is a video on youtube called consciousness drives the universe which sums up what humans are. if everybody realised we are all walking miracles, consciousness housed in a biological computer, why would we do anything other than totally respect each other. the most important things are not material but how we behave.

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I think the long term plan of the illuminati or whoever they are is to let religion carry on dividing us all, for instance I have a few friends on twitter from the united states, very intelligent as in they know their government are corrupt and they have a strong belief that the boston bombing was a false flag event but there is one thing holding them back in my opinion, they demonise islam as the evil religion and christianity as this shining ray of love and light, that is why religion is messed up they all talk about god or love but openly hate another god and that is what generally shocked me, I was not talking to a radicalist but a guy who shared pretty much the same views as me.

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30 May 2013 21:05:38
A good friend reckons that bromide is being put in popular foodstuffs: milk, fizzy drinks, tea bags, Jaffa cakes.

It's said that this is being done at the behest of the government, so worried are they regarding imminent population explosion, and subsequent high pension levels.

Bromide acts as a sexual appetite suppressant, it used to be put in prisoner's tea in jail, to cut down on bum violations.

Could there be any truth in this? I'd be gutted if it were true, as I love Jaffa cakes.

My pal is straight as the day is long; he was the first to blow the whistle on the whole arsenic/pot noodle debacle.


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Bromide is in jaffa cakes?
Bromide reduces " bum violations"?
No more jaffa cakes for my girlfriend then!

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Bromide is naturally present in most types of food in one form or another

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Well if there is, it ain't working on me! Got an appetite of a small country haha!

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"bum violations" well that's one way of putting it. quality, lol. watched a doc put on here the other week about flouride in the public water suply now that's crazy it was in the states some where and basically steel plants end up with this toxic waste and can't just dump it in the sea or lakes so put it in the water suply and get money off these compnies for taking it off there hands!. redman matt

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Bromide lol. do u ever feel that the recent surge in gay activities is dow to control of the populations of the world. its a no brainer to me. permit gay marriage and it has to stop the populations increase. now I ask in future battles were going to have soldiers that squeam at the thought of pulling the trigger. a sorry world we are making for ourselves. {Ed001's Note - you have issues. Gay doesn't make you squeamish! Talk about bigoted.}

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30 May 2013 15:36:40
Stumbled across this the other day and was an extremely interested read. It breaks down how the Rothchild's, and their Central Banking company has been the cause of everything, from wars, too elections of politicians, assassinations.

Anyone that thinks the Rothchild's are just minor players needs to read this. They want us too believe that to be the case.

Melbourne CFC

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The Rothchilds minor players? They have controlled the game for generations mate. The illuminati are the same families who have the power right through history. And the leading light in all of this? Our dear old Queen and her various vacuous offspring.

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Mate the illuminati aren't a family. its an organisation!

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Minor was probably the wrong term mate. Some people on here such as Franky (not trying to single you out, mate) have said in the past that they believe the Rothchild's could just be puppets for the major players.

My view is that there is no more major players. They're the top of the pile. They only want us too believe they don't still hold the power they once did. Only 3 countries are left in the world without a centralised banking system. All centralised banking systems are controlled by the Rothchild's. I'm also under the impression that they now own AP or have done for a while.

They control almost all major decisions in the world. And it's been the case for centuries mate, not just generations.

Melbourne CFC

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Mate I could be completely wrong on this but I base this opinion on when you have figureheads in any walk of life, they will be comparable if the poo hits the fan, now don't get me wrong the rothschilds for centuries have been powerful and wealthy but I think their is a organization call it what you may who really pull the strings and whose name has never been mentioned a bit like the black pope no one knows who it is, it just makes sense to me that real influential people/groups are more than happy to remain undetected and let the other people/groups take the heat.

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But don't you see the Rothchild's doing exactly that Franky. They aren't mentioned in a lot of business where it is presumed they have a majority share. In the past it was almost impossible for them to go undetected as every knew they were the worlds wealthiest. As time has passed, people have been fed misinformation such as Bill Gates being the worlds wealthiest man etc and the Rothchild's have disappeared from the public eye. I found it astonishing to find out when J. P Morgan died he only owned 17% of the J. P Morgan financial institution, with the Rothchild's seemingly being his backer as they sat back in the shadows. This all happening while the world was told J. P Morgan was the wealthiest man put there. Money equals power and the Rothchild's equal money.

Melbourne CFC

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Culpable I ment. lol

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I can see your point mate and your average joe would not know who they were but the rothschilds have became more known since ww1 and definitely ww2 and even though I might have mentioned them being puppets which I take back I still maintain the real power lies with someone else, for instance I would love to know who tells america or the western countries what to do, melbourne are you saying it is the rothschilds dictating to everyone?

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Go and read the link Franky, part 1 has the Rothchild's mentioned as early as 1743.

Melbourne CFC

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