Conspiracy Talk Archive September 30 2013


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30 Sep 2013 13:50:07
Hi lads, listening to Coast2CoastAm And Dave Paulides is on talking about mysterious disappearances in National parks and I wonder if any of you have any insight as to wht might be the cause of the phenomenon?


Hey, I didn’t hear the interview but I’m wondering would it have to do with Big Foot, I’ve heard a few stories of people gone missing, especially toddlers only to be found miles away in terrain that would be very hard a for a human to cross.

How can I listen to coast to coast in the UK (belfast)

To listen to coast to coast am in the UK. there's a channel on YouTube that uploads each episode without ad breaks every single day at around 1pm GMT.

Search C2CAMDaily11 for the current channel and C2CAMdailynetwork for the main one which keeps us up to date on where to listen. It seems each channel gets shut down after a certain amount of time by youtube so they make a new one and uploads continue on there.

Thanks all.


Just caught the end of a show about the Alaska triangle were many people go missing every year, yes the terrain can do that plus wildlife but there is supposed to be a vortex that can take people away Ala Bermuda triangle, seen something weird on this show a guy had a coin which he said was a small portable vortex and he passed it to one of the presenters of the show and told her to face her co investigator and she was taller than him then vice versa and he was taller than her, very weird.

It's definitely interesting. I tend to navigate towards those sorts of uncanny, unexplainable stories rather than talk of the NWO. I just prefer tales of the fantastical and the show gives me plenty of insight into all things ghouls and goblins and It gives me inspiration for writing.

Franky do you know the date or the title of that show? I'd quite like to see it. The bermuda triangle has always interested me.

On a side note. What do we all think of the 'Black-eyed children' phenomenon?


It was on virgin at 3pm today on channel h2, it was called brad meltzers's decoded, here is a link

as for the black-eyed children I never had a clue until edd posted a link before xmas and from what I have read it is a recent phenomenon maybe twenty years, I really do not know what to make of it, I probably have to read more cases before I make my mind up.

Just listened to the Dave Paulides interview and it is very weird, in some ways more stranger than UFO disappearances, could it be alien related or a timeshift/vortex who knows?that story about a grandma lookalike and robots in a cave was one of the strangest things I have heard.

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