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31 Dec 2011 20:39:22
anyone want to give me an opinion on Ian R Crane

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I don't believe Ian R. Crane is the Antichrist like David Shayler has alleged

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{Ed033's note - I think Ian R. Crane is now doing a great job of educating people by putting on presentations.}

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Not that sure on his views regarding peak oil . JR

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31 Dec 2011 15:45:57
Anyone explain why we have new year in january in the middle of the winter? When it would be more logical to have it in spring at the start of the cycle of the seasons.

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Erm, you know we're not the centre of the world right and different countries are in different seasons than us.

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Erm you do know the whole calender was decided 2000 years ago back with the greeks and romans when most of the world were uncivilised.

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Erm you do know some other countries celebrate new years on different dates

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Erm, it is only 400 odd years old= not 2000 yr old.

{Ed033's Note - The Gregorian calendar we use is an updated version of the Julian calendar started under Julius Cesar after the Romans found out some secrets from Egyptian priests in Egypt.}

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31 Dec 2011 14:11:26
Good to see so many of you are waking up! The majority of the peolpe in UK and the USA have been conditioned to fall in line with how the governments want to use you and abuse you but it is only a matter of time before we make a stand and say no to these dictators who have no intentions of democrasy and judt want to line their pockets with our hard earned cash.

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Who's woken up? This is a site where a bunch of football fans come to talk about the random and weird when they've had enough of the football. None of us are likely to be picketing Downing Street at any time. Nothing will ever change because there is always more sheep to compley than those who are "awake"

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I came from the hockey site, but I'm canadian so its basically the same

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I see the above posters point, if people 'wake' up and realise whats going on, then what? What do you want to happen after everyone is awoken? Will we just all start dividing up the land and money, then start hunting and gathering our own crops?

Also what is the end game of the so called dictators, some of the people on here talk about old established families running the entire global economy, but what do they do with the money? Surely they have amassed enough money over the last centuries that they have all the money they ever need, why the constant striving to get more? I just struggle to see their final motivation.

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I think its my point your replying to. Apologies if that sounded harsher than it was meant to.

I do think people are waking up to whats going on. Certainly my own viewpoint had changed over last couple of months.

I do think you raise 2 very good points. Firstly the one i was trying to say, what do we do when awake?

Secondly whats the motivation, it can't be financial as you point out.

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Hi poster, yes, I was replying to your post. Like yourself I stumbled upon this site a couple of months ago and it has certainly spurred my interest in delving a little deeper into the happenings of the world. I suppose in some sense I have had my eyes opened, some of which I have agreed with and others just too far fetched to come on board with.

I certainly believe that we are constantly spoon fed and orchestrated into our views and opinions based on the whims of the media, this had never occured to me until I happened upon this site, in that sense I have 'awoken'.

However I think both of us have asked a fundemental question, that I would be keen for others to debate, in that what is the ultimate motivation or end game for the establishment?

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Control freaks.greed.are two things that spring to mind.these people have more money than we could possibly imagine.maybe it's all just a big game to them as they have everything money can buy and have become bored.what do you do with all that cash when you have everything and more.

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I know this for a fact because my Uncle worked at Wright Patterson USAF base. The money is being stored underground and guarded by alien greys.
It was formerly stored at dulce in New Mexico, and we all know what happened there!

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If there is a global elite then money is simply another control system they use on the masses, and means nothing to them personally. they own the land we live on and the material that has true value; oil, gold, farm land etc

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31 Dec 2011 12:56:10
Whilst we're on the subject of how long we have been around as a psecies there's an old awful B movie on tv right now, 1 million years bc i think it is. You know the type of rubbish, men with dinosaurs and stuff. Now i always used to think it was just shoddy writing, but having been on here i now think hmmmm.


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31 Dec 2011 04:44:45
Well folks and eds...what are your opinions on ghosts and the supernatural?i havent seen too much on this about this subject...maybe i just missed it!i have had a lot of experiences with this...i live in ireland in the countryside which is surrounded with old castles and houses and have seen some strange stuff and figures...i dont believe it to be nonsense, just wondering what ye all believe it all to be? parallel universes, dead amongst us, imagination or subconcious?

PmacC {Ed001's Note - a lot of it I believe, ghosts I mean, are just people tapping into the unconscious memory of their surroundings.}

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When i was at uni i lived in halls. It was rumoured to be an old ayslum but that was just the older guys trying to wind up the newbies. However it had served as dorms and the like before back in the 20's or 30's.

Anyway across the corridor was the bathroom and a toilet, and no matter what the temperature was it was always freezing in there and you could feel something. Like someone was watching you, like someone was there, was really creepy.

So i wouldn't rule anything out.

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I think it's in the mind, mixture of paranoia, fear and poor eye sight... most ghosts are seen in the dark when our eye sight isn't at it's best.. so a mixture of those things is probably what causes the sightings...

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As with other phenomena the real deal clincher of evidence just isn't quite there, but to suggest ghosts manifest "in the mind" is a little ignorant and not least insulting to those whom have had an experience be it peaceful, scary or violent.


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Paragon, it's just my opinion, not ignorant, i guess you could say Christians are ignorant because they don't believe in the god of Islam?

it's just my opinion, doesn't mean it's true, i could be wrong, if i ever experienced it then maybe id feel different but i haven't.

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Fair enough mate....i was merely trying to coax you into having a rethink.


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I've gotta say,I think ghosts/spirits exist,this I can say with certainty as ive seen,heard and sensed their presence on several occasions over the years,1st time I saw my mates grandmothers spirit it nearly had me through the ceiling with shock,and since I've had things moved around my home and had doors opened etc,I'm both grounded and sane,
Also I visited a clairvoyant fairly recently,and descriptions that I was given about both of my deceased parents was spot on,and other things that were described to me were so accurate it felt like I had been followed or spied on,this woman I'm guessing could only have got this information from,spirits, ghosts,as I gave no prompts to her with answers.has anyone else here had dealings with clairvoyants.

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