Conspiracy Talk Archive March 31 2012


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31 Mar 2012 15:57:51
was just daydreaming at work imagining if stargate was real, would be pretty cool

There is supposed to be one in iraq.

Original poster here, i kinda doubt there is one at all. as i dont believe there are aliens, i believe the possability of them but unless i see something with my own 2 eyes i wont believe...........i wont disbelieve either tho.

What if you see an alien with one of your eyes ???

Matty b

Kinda going off the point matty. What I mean is that I believe what I see and touch and hear not always what im told.

Look at Mayan god statues and other flying gods from religions, beliefs etc.
You might see them differently, or they might resemble something else. And No, I don't smoke drugs.




31 Mar 2012 12:38:54
Here's an interesting article harking back to the Pineal Gland discussions, hadn't heard this before.

Wearing Sunglasses Can Affect Your Pineal Gland

More and more people are wearing sunglasses, even if the sun is not shining bright and I see also that little children (toddlers) have sunglasses on. I remember an article by Dr. Ornstein in the Letís live Magazine in October 1980 were it is explained that Sunlight is very important, day light is very vital. The Creator provided for our emotional and physical health by giving us the Pineal Gland and commanding "Let there be Light "

The Pineal Gland is an active, secreting gland throughout life. Natural, unfiltered sunlight is necessary for the proper functioning of this gland. Light as conscious electromagnetic energy from the sun enters the body through the optic nerves of the eyes which, in turn, directly stimulates the pineal gland, a photo reactive organ. The pineal gland converts light energy into an electrochemical impulse which feeds directly into the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus is that part of the brain which mediates all of the vital processes of the body via its immediate and direct connections to the pituitary gland and the autonomic nervous system. The hypothalamus is filled with light sensitive cells which convert the electromagnetic signal of light into a neurochemical impulse which is then carried directly into the pituitary Gland. The pituitary , in turn, elaborates and secretes hormones within the body, thereby maintaining homeostasis. Learning all this makes us think when to wear sunglasses and also not to put them at little childrenís eyes.

The eyes are able to adjust to sunlight much more then we give them credit for. When we work in facilities with artificial light during the day then we can agree that people are not getting enough natural light. One statement that Dr. Ornstein made in his article mentioned before.

Another source also questions the correlation between sunglasses and the pineal gland.

In the book Nature's Detox Plan - A Program for Physical and Emotional Detoxification By Roy Mankovitz, it is stated that "The downside to wearing sunglasses is that it interferes with a portion of the endocrine system involving the pineal gland, which is light responsive. We do not fully understand the operation of the pineal gland, but from what we do know, you do not want to mess with it."

Put's a whole new spin on your 'Ray Ban' sunglasses..