Conspiracy Talk Archive May 31 2012


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31 May 2012 16:29:29
I was watching a re-run of an episode of Richplanet last night on info Tv I think, it was from last year sometime. A guy on there claimed he had evidence written in documents that a false flag attack was planned for the 2012 olympics and they were expecting in the region of 9000 deaths/casualties. I cant find it online at the moment ill have a better look later, has anyone else seen this or have a link, Id like to check his info out myself and see what I think ? The guy also claimed that the Federal researve's deal to print US dollars was a 100 year yeal and it expires at midnight one day in December this year and China will try to recoup its debs from America ect...... Again, anyone have any more on this ?


Matt i think i seen that,what the feller said thou was that in a document he read was that the usa security people who were drafted in by our government (hmm strange i know) that if there was a attack and a certain amount of deaths occurred,it might have been 500 i cant remember,anyways the security forces had the power to declare martial law in london.

Oh right 9000 or 500 that would be more than an atrocitie that will be nigh on the end of the uk and what it stands for c'mon really,i do not believe for one minute it's for real.Conspiracy definetly maybe, i wait and wait..

red blancmonge

{Ed033's Note - Matt_RFC, this would be Ian R. Crane. He has talked about the Rockefeller report on fictional scenarios which will help implement global governance. In this Rockefeller report there is a fictional scenario where 13,000 people are killed in the 2012 London Olympics

I cant find anything about the Federal reserve charted expiring, some online say its true, some say there is no expiration date, no mention of either in wikipedia or their own website so Im still not sure. On the Olympic issue, if the Rokerfella's are involved it makes me think there is a chance, we all saw 911, I dont think I can be shocked anymore, I for one will be staying away from london just in case !


Heres a link to that Rockerfeller report if anyone wants to see it. Cheers.