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31 May 2013 18:35:28
Just read about the bigfoot body/shooting in
usa. Why do the government want to cover
up everything to do with this subject.


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As a big fan of cryptozoology, i'm not convinced this was genuine but if it was being covered up, the reason would be that finding bigfoot might well throw evolution under the bus - imagine the fallout in the scientific community. If the evolution theory was proven wrong, certain questions would be thrown up that would cause havoc in the scientific and religious communities. if the people know they've been misled for this long, an uprising may happen and everything the powers-that-be tell us would be called into question.


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How does finding a Bigfoot cast doubt on Evolution?

It will probably cast doubt on Human origins but it won't disprove Evolution in general.

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Here are a few reasons why finding bigfoot can open a can of worms, the second a third reason I agree with.

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01 Jun 2013 20:43:25
Red sky makes a valid point, now I'm not saying I believe in mermaids, but after watching the video in yesterdays sun I found myself asking a question. What do these people really know about our past that they want to cover up and why?. My take on it is the same as it's always been, that if we knew certain things about our very existance it would be a real game changer. Can you imagine finding out over night that everything we have been told is a lie?. Oh and by the way Religion is the biggest Industry in the world. We wouldn't want that to close down now would we?

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31 May 2013 09:55:09
{Ed033's Note - An interesting and informative article was sent in by J. who lives in Lebanon can be viewed and commented on by clicking the following link Real Terroristic Acts

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