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03 Apr 2013 22:14:43
first time on this site, quite interested but don't know any good conspiracies? any1 got any good websites to go to or any links for any TRUE "mind blowing" conspiracy stories please? thanks in advance


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Type loose change in youtube all bout 9/11 conspiracy is a good start, plus keep checking this site the edds and regulars posts links and sites.

{Ed033's Note - go here

and watch all the video interviews

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Coast 2 coast am radio, veritas radio, red ice radio, project Camelot and any timothy good, Richard Dolan, Richard hoagland john Lear, bob lazar interviews. Also Jesse Ventura is always a good easy watch. Dan burisch is an interesting one aswell. Find them all on YouTube mate.

Ur welcome.

Matty b

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Cheers guys!

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Google zeitgeist the movie

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03 Apr 2013 16:24:31
not exactly a conspiracy but love greek mythology and found this article just now. my dad reckons greek gods were real, but they weren't gods but actually aliens. wacky I know but then again so is the concept of a belief called "religion. "


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I think it makes more sense that they were of some sort of et origin and this has been suggested in various sci fi, maybe tongue in cheek but who knows.

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Most of the Greek Heroes are the sons of gods just like the heroes in many mythical tales worldwide. Even the bible mentions the daughters of man being impregnated by angels/nephilim, who were said to be the sons of gods. At one time the existence of Troy was thought to be fantasy, so who knows maybe one day our alien forefathers will be known to all.

Captain needa

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03 Apr 2013 02:34:45
{Ed033's Note - Rob Menard alleges the scam employed by canada police

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